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Yep, It is shocking to find out pink was considered masculine in earlier history. I have a large painting of my grandfather done in about 1909 sporting him with long lush curls, a frilly dress and button up boots! It is an excellent painting and he makes a very striking little girl.

I was so confused about this painting of my very masculine grandfather which I found in an old chest many years ago (was he hiding it?), I did a bit of research. And I can totally relate to why little boys were dressed up in dresses until about the age of 3 back then.

With no disposable diapers, plastic covers for cloth diapers or washing machines at their disposal, it made total sense to me! Pass them off as girls to cut down on the laundry? Or make dresses the masculine wear for little boys. (FYI: Same period paintings have little girls in pinafores)

The good news is we now know it did not hurt the boys gender identity one bit. :o) And guess what? His dress was pink!


Oh, I almost forgot: Congrats on your growing grand brood! What a joy.


I'm sure that God predestined blue for boys before the foundation of the world ... it just took us a while to figure it out ... probably in Romans or Ephesians somewhere if we were smart enough to decode it ;^)

Speaking of boys, we have our first grandson on the way! I've been spending a lot of time praying for Stephen while God is forming him in the womb ... to stand for Christ in his generation. Congratulations Peter on the new addition to your family!


Oh how wonderful! Congratulations Peter and Congrats Max on your soon to be born.

We had two boys before my baby girl. She wore a lot of hand me downs in PJs and Tees around the house - never for company or in public of course! I wonder now if I'd had girls and then a boy if I would have dressed the boy in girl hand me downs? Somehow I don't think so but then at the time it was just important to have clean clothes and not so much about what they looked like.

That FDR pic is great - even the shoes are girl by today's standards.

Scott Shaver

Three daughters myself. Brother-in-law has 2 daughters. Other brother in law has 1 daughter. My sister has 3 daughters.

Pink is my favorite color.

cb scott

Hey Pete,

We would have never believed back in our outlaw days that we could have such beautiful granddaughters, ya think? God has blessed us both and I am happy you are blessed so recently with this new granddaughter, Jessica Lee.

Congratulations and may our Lord Jesus bless that little girl and her family in a great big largeness of His grace, love, and joy.

William Marshall

Bro. Peter,
As a long-time friend of your son-in-law, I plead with you to go ahead and buy the 'Hello-Kitty' set (and please post some pictures when you do)!!

Congrats on the grandbaby!


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