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Joe Donahue

Pete: Here is a shorter link for you to use...


Thanks for taking a stand and protecting children and abuse victims. As a victim of childhood sexual abuse myself, and as a Pastor married to your daughter, I deeply appreciate your stand.

The evangelical church must stop seeking to protect a churches "reputation" in the community when abuse within the leadership of the church occurs.

Sadly, the only issue that seems to matter in many cases at the time is, "How is this scandal going to impact our church through giving, attendance, and growth?"

Instead, I would encourage Church leadership to not shy away from the darkness, but confront and expose that type of sin immediately, while protecting the victims privacy. Accept responsibility where needed, make the necessary structural and recruiting changes, (background checks, policy changes, accountability, etc.)

Just my thoughts...

Joe Donahue


Joe, Thanks for speaking up. I so appreciate those who know how serious this is speaking up. God Bless!


Thank you for proposing the resolution Peter. I am glad to here that it has now passed.

Bill Kinnon

Well done, Peter. Well done.

Ron Phillips, Sr.


Glad your amendment was added (back into) the resolution by the Messengers.


Ron P.

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