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Good post Peter. There is no doubt that the greatest need of the hour is for God's people to pray. I was young and now am old - I've seen stuff come and go in SBC ranks (and still hoping that more will go). But my greatest lament is that our churches don't pray as we ought. My observation has been that prayer meetings in the organized church are too often just that ... organized. To keep things on schedule, prayer meetings are confined to time-slots and saints then directed to the next spot on the agenda. We squeeze prayer in between chicken dinners and financial freedom studies. Sadder still, many prayer meetings have been canceled for lack of interest.

Little prayer ... little power ... and we wonder why we don't have enough breath to blow the dust off a peanut! The hedge is down because we don't pray. Instead of organizing, we need to do more agonizing. In my neck of the woods, church folks don't pray for revival because they are satisfied to live without it. We ain't scaring much these days - the devil doesn't worry when we get up in the morning ... because we don't pray. Hope things are better where you live.

Barry King

I think the quote is actually from R G Lee's sermon, 'The Prayer of Concern' unless he was quoting Dixon and forgot to give attribution.

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