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Les Prouty

He was incredible. I remember seeing him a couple times back in the 1970s. Man of God who will be missed.

peter lumpkins

Amen, Les...


We were blessed at the church I grew up in to have a George Beverly Shea "type" music minister. I miss those days when the organ and the piano made the windows vibrate and the choir loft was full and singing "God's Choir" The home going of Shea just reminds me of how much we've lost. Of course the cool new dudes want to attack us for missing our "traditions" - some of our "traditions" weren't so bad.


My late mother accompanied him on the piano once at one of the many events she was asked to play for and I was usually tagging along sitting quietly. At the time I thought his voice was "booming" for a man with a girl name. :o)

There are just some childhood memories that are sweet because you had no idea what you were witnessing at the time until much older.


Gifted. Faithful. Missed.

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