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Ben Simpson

Mr Ryan Anderson did an absolutely amazing job! Morgan did nothing but bully him with condescending language and mob appeal. Orman began with condescension, but Anderson straight called her out on it. She then moved to emotional appeals, but Anderson respectfully stood his ground. My favorite quote from Orman to Anderson, "You have your facts down. You are a great recorder." In other words, "I don't care what the facts say. Listen to my emotional appeal!"





This should be a state issue not a Federal issue. Let it be slogged out in each state. There is a method to this madness because all politics are local. We already know the states where this was legalized no problems. There are many moderate dems on the fence with this who hide behind federal laws when it comes to controversial issues. Slogging it out in the states mean they have to get off the fence and that is dangerous for them and they know it.

Roe should have been sent back to the states.


what the liberals want is to have gay defined as a protected class. Everyone speaks as if being homosexual is a protected class like race, but until the Supremes declare it so, it ain't gonna be so. The Supremes don't seem to be close to doing that.

It looks like they are leaning toward kicking out the Prop 8 case based on the standing issue, but they seem to be leaning toward throwing out DOMA based on States Rights.

So they could rule that Prop 8 is constitutional because of States Rights. They don't seem anywhere close to ruling Prop 8 is unconstitutional because gay is a protected class.

So gays may get a "win" in CA if the Court throws out the case based on standing and the lower court rulings stand allowing gay marriage in CA, but it will be a huge defeat if DOMA is found unconstitutional because of States Rights - States get to define marriage.

30 States have constitutional amendments against gay marriage and 10 have laws against it. The left wanted that all gone.

Robert Vaughn

Peter, thanks so much for posting these videos. I listened yesterday and found myself envious of Ryan's cool, collected, logical and irenic presentation. I can discuss pretty well in print, but in a back & forth I forget what I'm trying to say. I especially liked when he told Suze Orman that he would not call her names even though he disagreed with her. She "degraded" his intelligence about every way she could.

I think we Christians need to put forth biblical arguments, but I also think there is a great need in our society for folks like Anderson who put forth logical, intelligent social arguments for those who reject Christianity out of hand (for this is a social issue as well as a sin issue). Of course, the hosts and audience exhibit that many are not interested in logic and intelligence either. For many it's about emotions and shouting down whomever they can.

Thanks again.

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