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If I was Mahaney, I'd be upset that God eternally decreed this for me. But as for me, I'm glad he's getting his due from immoral, unethical, and absolutely sinful leadership. My only heartbreak rests with Southern Baptists. We have to put up with his presence now as this "leader" gets "led" back into the public square on the backs of pathetic Calvinist ministers. What a farce. I guess Mohler can forsake people who've gotten divorced, but can't bring a "friend" to realize he's unfit for ministry because of his leadership role in an organization responsible for abusing children.


Resigns same day lawsuit court date is set and the day after it is found that cross way sgm has coddled a man who molested his 5 year old daughter and did not tell the congregation. He was there for a whole year before he made it to the National Registry. They made him an usher!

Make no mistake, CJ Mahaney is not going away. This was a PR move. After all he gets to name his successor. The tentacles of SGM are deep in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Lydia writes "... CJ Mahaney is not going away ... The tentacles of SGM are deep in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary."

Support of SGM/Mahaney by SBTS/Mohler is getting to the unbelievable point considering the serious child abuse allegations and pending court case. Equally shocking is the support Mahaney received by SEBTS within the past month in the midst of news reports painting a grim picture of Mahaney's leadership at SGM. From yesterday's Baptist Press: "Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's annual 20/20 Collegiate Conference featured speakers Daniel Akin, Bruce Ashford, C.J. Mahaney and Darrin Patrick." In addition to Mahaney, Acts 29 (Patrick) also got the platform at SEBTS. Good Lord! What is going on?!!

Southern Baptists should demand that our seminary leadership respond with ministerial integrity and put some space between SBC and Mahaney until the courts address this matter. This is not the "Together for the Gospel" unity which most of us have in mind. For God's sake, allegations of child sexual abuse demands prompt attention and action by all spiritual leaders! Are these folks that untouchable?!! Where are the seminary trustees who are supposed to represent us?!!


Slammed for being an unfit leader. Slammed when resigning. Such grace...


Jody - the "slam" as you put it was directed primarily at those in SBC ranks who also need rebuke and correction on this matter ... they are not beyond discipline in the Body of Christ regardless of position. Mahaney finally did the right thing. We are waiting for certain SBC seminary presidents and their trustee boards to also do that.


Max, I was wondering about "grace" and "justice" for those little abused children who were told that all sins are equal so they are sinners just like their predator. Seems lots of folks wanted to forget them in favor of the celebrity.

J thomas

Wonder if you all know what alleged means. Has Lumpkins written about the stuff that happen at FBC jax?

peter lumpkins

J Thomas,

Don't come here making blanket implications. My OP has zero accusations. Zero. Nor have I ignored the term 'allegation,' 'alleged,' etc. in any piece I've ever posted with someone's name attached to it, including C.J. Mahaney, so far as I know.

My own view is, once this thing makes it through the justice system, if Mahaney is not found guilty of any wrongdoing, then every allusion to wronging--"alleged" or otherwise--should be dropped.

Nor do I have the slightest interest in wallowing in what you might think "went on" at FBCJax whatever you are talking about. And whether I have or have not written on another subject says jack squat about what I've written here on this one.


The real question for us is if CJ Mahaney's shepherding cult beliefs/tactics have made their way into SBTS and are affirmed by any of our leaders who have defended his "strong leadership". The lawsuit is about covering up heinous crimes of predators of children, trying to help the predators avoid prosecution and not advising other parents of their presence in SGM/PDI churches.

Behind the lawsuit are real children who were horribly treated. I certainly hope folks do not forget that no matter what the outcome of the suit brings.


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