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Leslie Puryear

Can't wait to get my copy in Atlanta!

Les Puryear

peter lumpkins

Hey, Les. Thanks. Adam has done Southern Baptists a great service by making his biblical research available to grassroots folks.

Adam Harwood

It's been said that theology is too important to be left to theologians. This Free Church Press series is intended to engage Southern Baptists "in the pew," who are biblically astute but largely unaware of these theological conversations within the SBC. I am honored that my essay will launch the series.



As a long-time Bible teacher in Southern Baptist ranks of the "traditional" persuasion, I applaud the development of this series. Theological topics have not been sufficiently covered in Sunday School literature and other training materials over the years. This appears to be an excellent tool in the making which will engage majority Southern Baptists who have been largely uninformed (or misinformed) regarding the current issues at hand in our denomination. Thank you Dr. Harwood for your involvement with this. My prayer is that this volume and others which may be in the works will reach the pews soon.

P.S. I would dearly love to see a layman's version of Anabaptist history, belief and practice also produced. As time goes on, I find myself identifying with the Anabaptists more than those "other" 16th century reformers. Truth is unkillable!

Ron F. Hale


A great writer for the topic, I look foward to Dr. Harwood's book!


Well, this is really awesome. I would love to see a place to direct people on the web for these coming resources. Gee, I don't ask much, do I?

"P.S. I would dearly love to see a layman's version of Anabaptist history, belief and practice also produced"

Me too, Max! I started researching at leisure about 8 years ago. One of the problems is that the victors write the official history and these folks were on the run. It was hard to find printers who would dare take on their works. (You find printers listed as martyrs) I would recommend Martyrs Mirror for some of it. You will weep. There are so many events of martyrdom listed with no names because no one cared about who they were. No documented history. They might be listed as "cobbler" or "miller", It weighs about 10-lbs.

I can remember reading something that said just within the last 50 years some of their writings have been discovered in crevices behind walls in old stone homes in the rural areas of the Czeck republic.

Ron F. Hale

We need more of their writings, history , and personal stories translated into the English language. There is a big need for German translation into English.

I'm glad you are a student of the movement!


Lydia - Thanks for referring me to the book Martyrs Mirror. I just glanced through an on-line version of it. Jesus wept.

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