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I understand what Tozer is trying to communicate. I agree with his words, "That my great High Priest will keep me, I have no doubt. Will He do so because of my goodness? No! Will He keep you because of your goodness? Again, no! We are kept because He is at the throne of God interceding for us." I think we all can agree with that.

I think that we all, Calvinist or Non Calvinist, recognize that when we pray for someone to be saved that if that person is going to be saved it will be because only God can save. Really, when we pray for that, all our understandings or misunderstandings about man's will go out the window. None of us prays for a person to have more will or such. We recognize that God must act for anyone to be saved.


Thanks Peter. This Calvinist thinks that's a great quote and a great philosophy to have.

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