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Ian Elsasser


Any hint that the papers/break out sessions will be collated and published as a second volume to the original?

peter lumpkins


My brother, I trust you are well. Always too long, my Canadian friend. So far as I know, no formal talks have occurred concerning the publishing in print media the contents of the conference--with one exception: a version of Dr. Adam Harwood's presentation apparently is scheduled to exist in print media form available at the conference. The rumored title is, "Born Guilty? A Southern Baptist View of Original Sin." I'm excited about that!

Lord bless...


Thanks Peter for the heads-up on this conference. Timely topics and a great cast of speakers!

As I look at the conference questions you list and the need to even cover these topics at this juncture in SBC life, it's increasingly clear how far we've drifted in my 50+ year Southern Baptist affiliation. As a traditional Southern Baptist, I continue to be amazed that we need to hold a conference to revisit such questions?! But, who could have imagined that the conservative pendulum would have swung back to the 1500s?!

I'm still waiting for someone to hold a conference for the express purpose of calling the SBC to prayer and repentance. The call of the hour is for a solemn assembly - Lord knows we've had enough other meetings. But, in the meantime, Praise God for the John 3:16 Conference!

peter lumpkins

Your welcome Max. And, your point about waiting on a conference for the express purpose of calling the SBC to prayer and repentance is well taken. Few have done so (successfully anyways) since Henry Blackaby led a short-lived movement in calling for a "Solemn Assembly"...

Lord bless, brother...


Does this mean that you will be there Peter? If so I look forward to seeing you again!

peter lumpkins

It does, bro. I'll look forward to some good fellowship!

Aaron O'Kelley

Is Johnny Hunt part of it this time around? I don't have any firsthand knowledge, but I would suspect not.

Scott Shaver


Tell me a little about HB-56 and your take on the motion offered by Alan Cross (Gateway) that was rejected by the Alabama Bapist Convention. I'm out of the loop a lot so I just read that motion for the first time today. Liberal/Progressives say "Baptists in Alabama scared to follow Jesus". My problem is after reading the resolution, it proposes, assumes and demands a descending order of proof-texting in order to "follow Jesus." I would have rejected it on face value for that alone.


I was at the Alabama Baptist Convention and the resolution was not voted down. The Resolutions Committee would not bring it to the floor. I read the motion and think that it was a good call to be compassionate to those among us who are not here legally while obeying the civil law. There are some areas of the law that will need to be revisited, as there are some provisions that could get churches in trouble simply for doing ministry.

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