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This is but 1 of 100 reasons why I don't do cats. :o)



Cats can be very vicious for sure. But obviously the young lady had no business w that cat. Any cat owner knows the sounds coming from that feline were not sounds of having fun. In fact the cat tried to run away peaceably more than once. Think of a rattlesnake coiled and neck cocked while rattling away. Only fools think the snake is having fun. The cat gave all the signals of a diamond back. I feel so sorry for the lady. The animal shelter employees were grossly irresponsible not only in giving her that particular cat, but standing idly by ignoring the sure signals he was about to strike.

My wife's cat, "Jerry" may have grunted abit but would never have struck like the fun kitty above. But her other cat, "Jackson"... Let's just say, I'd probably gently set him on the floor. Either his fuse is short or he's got me psyched out...


Peter, thanks because I am cat ignorant.

As a kid, I was once attacked by a neighbors cat who sank her claws into me and still have PSTD from it. :o) I think of them as little tigers.

peter lumpkins

You're very welcome, Lydia! Hope you have a nice day at work...

Jon Carter

So was the couple charged with "Kitty litter!?"


Jon, How clever!

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