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Apparently what is NOT memorable is the actual name of the speech, which is "I Have a Dream." "I've Got a Dream" is a Disney song. I love it when Southern Baptists try to act all civil-rightsy.


McLaren, I was out of town one time and had to go to a Food Lion. I had never been in a Food Lion before. I wrote them a check for my purchase. When I was balancing my account a month later.... I saw that I wrote a check to the Lion King.

The Disney phenomena can happen to the best of us. I had never actually watched The Lion King. :o)


If Dr. King were alive today, would he still be dreaming of the day he really had in mind?


So what you're saying, Lydia, is that your real lack of experience and unfamiliarity pertaining to Food Lion is what made you make such an error? That's kind of my point.



My goodness!

It could very well be that if I shopped at Food Lion weekly as I did Kroger, my hand would have been used to it and I would not have written Lion King.

Perhaps Peter does not listen to the speech weekly.
Does that make him automatically "non" civil rightsy? Or is that an overall view of the SBC for you?

Have you met our new President?

peter lumpkins


Correct. The "actual" name of the speech is not so memorable. But the "actual" name of the speech isn't "I have a dream" as you insist either. The "official" title--if there exists one at all--may be more appropriately called the "March on Washington" speech, hardly a "memorable" title and even boring.

As for the confusion with a Disney song, I readily concede I could easily do so. But here, I can assure you, it was not the case. I've not watched the movie from whence the song originates; nor had I heard of the song you cite. I googled "I've got a dream speech" and out come several flicks from which I could snip my little clip.

Now, rather than insulting those of us who have a profound respect for King's cultural-Kingdom service by implying that any conviction we might have on civil rights is a result of a so-called hypocritical "act" on our part, why not rejoice? Or is that too much to ask?

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