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Dave Miller

Strangely, I was present for both. I cheered along in St. Louis as Jerry Vines preached, and my dad was friends with Dr. Lee and he preached Payday Someday in our church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa back in the 60s. Actually, my older brother was saved that day.

Great to remember those times.

Dave Miller

For many years, my brother had a Bible which Dr. Lee had signed which stated the day he was saved and the fact that it was after the preaching of Payday Someday. Even mentioned how many times Dr. Lee had preached that message.

Enough nostalgia. Now, back to the blogging wars!

peter lumpkins

Thanks Dave for the memories. I heard "Payday Someday" for the first time on an LP album. Yep, an LP.

Dave Miller

Dude, you are old.

Dave Miller

Then again, I heard him in person...

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