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This is awesome. Looking forward to it.



Adam Harwood

I have appreciated the insights from "Jim G" in the blogosphere and am excited to now consider his academic work on this pivotal theologian, Augustine.


“Christological Difficulties for a Deterministic Model of Providence."

Is this paper available anywhere online?

peter lumpkins


I'm unsure about the ownership of a paper delivered at the ETS. Perhaps upon delivery, it's copyright and/or distribution is limited by ETS policy. I don't know. Drop me an email, and I'll put you in email touch with Jim and you can inquire directly to him...

Jim G.

ETS does not archive papers anymore. They used to do it, but they have no claim on them anymore. The paper is my property. If you want it, I can send it to Peter for you or to you directly via email. The only thing I ask is that anyone who reads it and uses it treats it as copyright. I hope it can be a chapter in an upcoming book - if I ever get time to finish it.

Jim G.


"The only thing I ask is that anyone who reads it and uses it treats it as copyright."

You have my word, Jim. It is strictly for me to read. If you don't mind to send it to Peter, I would appreciate it. I don't like to publish my email on blog comments. Had some bad experiences in the past with that.

And I am all for you finishing your book!

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