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Robert Vaughn

I love the Schaeffer quote. Slightly different, but in a similar vein, some pastors spend a lot of time teaching their congregations about why feet washing is not an ordinance and spend almost no time telling what Jesus did might mean to us.

The association (local) that I grew up in was pretty much that way. Studying our history, I would later find out our church (organized mostly by Georgians) used to wash feet in the 1800s, and in the same period our association had a standing resolution that washing the saints feet should not be a test of fellowship between churches.


Love it!

Les Prouty

Great post. On one of my trips to Haiti, the women on our trip came up with the idea of getting all the orphanage house mamas, cooks, etc. together and our US women washed their feet and then gave them pedicures. Wish I had thought of it. I heard the Haitian women singing praises to God as these blancs served them, gently washing their feet. And I can tell you, Haiti is a very dusty and dry place in many places. These were some dirty feet. It gave me a greater insight into what it must have been like in NT times.

Steve Martin

Love the quote. Love the topic.

This is (in my opinion) the best sermon I have ever heard on the subject of Jesus' command to wash each other's feet:


I hope you find it equally edifying.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for the feedback. Albeit I do not read him as much as I used to, Schaeffer remains one of my heroes. I consider his writings as much as any single author outside the Bible as supplying the "basic stuff" in the early formation of my Christian worldview.

Grace all.

With that, I am...

Robert Vaughn

Steve, I enjoyed the sermon you linked. Who is the preacher preaching the sermon?

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