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Those of us who have been following the SGM debacle for the last 5 years have seen a "systemic" problem. The big part of this is that pastors systemically have told victims and their families right away not to call the police. What is interesting to discern are the shepherding cult tactics at work. Why would the family call their pastor before the police?

That is part of the shepherding experience. The secular authorites are bad. The church is better equipped to handle it in a godly manner.

Also, the molssters were church members. Some took place in the "care group" meetings that met in homes.

There were also advised to never talk about it to anyone outside their pastor and the care group leaders. It was considered gossip. They would coerce repentence from the molester then coerce forgiveness from the victim and families and pronounce it all finished.

Since SGM operated as a "closed system" the victims thought they were the only ones. When blogging hit, they found out this was systemic and there were many others told the exact same thing at SGM churches in other areas.

Some tried to reconcile through the AoR who handled the process last year. (Paid for by SGM) AoR basically revictimized them again. Can anyone here wrap your head around the fact that they think it is a sin to be angry over your 3 year old being molested? That it is a sin to call the police? And you are expected to give instant forgiveness and the perp walk free because he is "under the spiriutal covering" of the pastor?

Tell me that is not a shepherding cult and Mohler agrees with that sort of authority of pastors! He is on record extolling the virtues of Mahaney even after he had to step down last year. Mohler said the bloggers did not like strong leadership.

We have more and more of them trying to distance themselves from their YRR man crushes. Akin was very much into Driscoll and promoted him like crazy till it got to be uncomfortable. Now he is distancing himsslf. Just do a google of Akin, SEBTS, Driscoll and see for yourself. Now, it is "Mark who"? If "Reformed" was not Akin's draw for Driscoll then what was it? His vulgarity and sex obessesion has been well known since blogging started!

Why can't these men be honest and admit they have no wisdom or discernment?

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