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"I need a good doctor or a good attorney, I don’t ask about his personal convictions but about his professional competency."

Amen to that.

Perhaps Romney will at least put a finger in the dyke. And maybe if some of the 10 mill (there are more as they don't count the ones not looking anymore) people can find a job then tax revenues will increase. And if Obamacare is somewhat repealed some old people can find a doctor to take them and companies won't be so reluctant to expand while they are not sure how it will play out for them.

He will have a huge mess to clean up. He can start by putting ammo in the guns at our embassies around the world. (amazing, isn't it?)

And increasing security at our Embassies on 9/11. Sheesh!

I am trying to figure out how being Mormon would affect the above?


Wisdom speaks. "Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand" (Proverbs 8:1-2).


After I watched that first debate it made me realize how all the speculation about Mormon this, or Mormon that, on the blogs during the primaries and before was a big, fat waste of time.

I have been watching Presidential debates since Carter/Ford, not every minute, but enough to make some judgments.

And debate performances are not the entire thing, mind you. Some guys are just not quick on their feet and some are not great speakers, but they are plenty competent.

Not since Reagan cleaned Carter's clock has a Republican nominee so thoroughly demolished the Democrat nominee. The years of Romney in the Board Room, as Governor and in leadership in other capacities shown through, and the competence and confidence were unmistakable. It completely unmasked a man whom I wish no evil upon and I will credit for doing the best he knew how, and who could make a good speech, but really had only worked for a non-profit pet, and then been a state Senator in Illinois. The contrast in experience and competence was impossible to miss. I think that image of Obama fumbling around, stuttering, repeating campaign slogans vs. Romney's ticking off of facts and making clear, salient points about economics will never be forgotten.

The following debates never set anything aright for Obama. He was told to be more aggressive, and he was - plenty, and especially at the last one where the spilt screen showed him in what looked like an aggressive odd posture.

And as I watched that first debate and refelcted on this election, Martin Luther's comment came back to me.

I am for testing the ideological temperatment of candidates, for sure. But if conservatives had gone strictly on ideology, they would have ended up with a loser, probably, and perhaps some lack of competence. We would not have seen the competence, skill and experience of someone like Romney.

This election really is a testimony to and a choice about competence and maturity.

We may not have as clear a choice on this particular skill any time again in the near future.

But going into the future, I am sure going to be a little tougher on the candidates whose ideology I like, but who may be lacking in the competence department.

I don't know how this is going to turn out, but Martin Luther's words sure came into view during this election.

Mike Chitwood

Very well said by Dr. Geisler. One could even contend the recent string of "Christian Presidents" have been no different morally than the Presidents that were not vocal about their faith. As Dr. Geisler quoted Luther, "I would rather be ruled by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian."


One other thing that has been totally misrepresented about Romney is his experience at Bain taking near bankrupt companies and turning them around. The strategy and effort that goes into something like that is incredible from the bottom up.

I still think he is more liberal than what I would have liked. But the RNC is not tracking really good candidates these days. If Romney wins, I do wonder how this will play out for Ryan when Romney is more liberal when it comes to fiscal policy.


The question for all those who are up in arms about Romney, Mormons, cults etc ....is should Christians be taking a bold stand against "christians" who are outside the bounds of orthodoxy? If you look at the Obamas version of christianity it ain't anything close to orthodox so where have all these folks been these last few years.

The other point that comes to mind in these discussions is "fruit" We see how the YRR have declared that they can read anyone's heart and determine if that person is really saved - ie this attitude of I'm not going to baptize anyone until they prove to me they are saved by their "fruit" So two men who declare themselves Christians which man has "fruit" that actually looks like "fruit" but neither man has a testimony which shows he knows Jesus the One and Only.

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