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Lets be sure before we destroy somebody in our blogs that all the facts come out. We do not know if what happened is true or not. In our country a man is innocent until proven guilty and it is a alleged lawsuit not federal charges.

Tim Rogers


Wow, are you serious? Peter is merely reporting what four media outlets have reported and one person who was connected. SGM has reported they have not received any copy of such a lawsuit. I wonder why they have not received anything. If that is your take place it out there. But four credible news agencies have stated they have facts that a lawsuit has been filed. How is Peter destroying "somebody in our blogs" without facts by merely pointing to news articles?


What's sick is people like Andrew care more about CJ Mahaney's reputation and his life being "destroyed" and show no concern that if these allegations are true that CHILDREN were abused and had there lives destroyed.

Randall Cofield


One cannot but wonder: If this were your own brother in the flesh, would you headline these yet-unsubstantiated charges against him in your blog?

1Co 13:6 Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing...


What you see posted by Andrew and Randall are exactly the same sort of "doctrine over people" tactics used by the shepherding cult, SGM. They were taught it is a sin for the victims and victim parents to discuss the molestations with anyone outside their leaders who were to "counsel" them. That means NO warning other parents there were perverts in their midst . This teaching also included any secular counselors/police/child protetive services, etc.

This is very typical in top/down authoritarian church circles and SOP in shepherding cults. So, we can easily see how it is considered a sin to report or mention PUBLIC news of a lawsuit filed against a celebrity pastor and the institution he leads. The point Andrew and Randall are really trying to make is that it is considered a sin to mention any possible "negative" news about what they consider a great leader who has been protected by Al Mohler..

Doctrine over people.

Randall takes it a step further and implies Peter is "joyful" over the wrong doing by misquoting 1 Corin 13 to fit the blog post. That is a serious charge considering little ones had to be molested for this to even be a legal charge.To be "joyful" over such a thing would make Peter reprobate. Is that what you were suggesting, Randall.

I have to assume that Randall and Andrew (if a pastor) uses these same doctrine over people tactics in their churches. If not, they are not consistent in what they do online.

As to whether the charges are true or not, each plantiff has told their story over the years on sgmsurvivors. I know that 2 of the stories have documentation from the authorities because they finally did report even though SGM told them not to. And at that point, SGM helped to protect the perverts.

May God have mercy on us for not valuing the most vulnerable among us.

CJ had a very timely move to Louisville, did he not?


C.J. Mahaney is grasping for straws in a last-ditch effort to maintain a position in ministry. Wonder why, in his opinion, God predetermined this whole travesty to take place? I bet Mahaney hasn't been humbled in a long time. Hope he recognizes his disqualification from ministry. My heart breaks thinking of the kids in Louisville who are now in danger.


"My heart breaks thinking of the kids in Louisville who are now in danger"

Marvin, There are people here, involved at CAL, who are doing something about it.



Seems some like Randall & Andrew remain apparently blind to actually reading what we post here. For instance, Randall queries why I would "headline these yet-unsubstantiated charges." But Randall reacts as he time after time reacts against any thing posted by me in the internet world--visible skewing of what I actually write substituting instead his own version in which he conveniently fills in the blanks to suit his point (we've shown this time after time so there's no need to deal with that one again).

My title reads, "C.J. Mahaney's ministry move to Louisville did not spare them a lawsuit." Is there a syllable in the title which either a) is nonfactual; or, b) mentions charges?
So what Randall is thinking in his mind remains beyond my abilities to ponder.

Even more, no charges at all have been leveled against Mahaney. For heaven's sake, Mahaney's press release suggested they had not even been served the legal papers yet! So how could there be any "yet unsubstantiated charges" much less actual charges? Rather as I clearly indicated, lawsuits are not charges; lawsuits are legally filed claims on behalf of plaintiff(s), claims representing only one side of the suit. The first line in the last paragraph I posted makes this abundantly clear had Randall (and Andrew for that matter) bothered to consider:

And, as Smith rightly pointed out, lawsuits do not tell the whole story but only the claims of the plaintiff(s)

And as for the slanderous implication that I somehow am rejoicing that legal suits were filed claiming church leaders carried out despicable, immoral practices on little children as young as three years old not to mention the spiritual abuse of adults the leaders allegedly practiced surely constitutes the most morally offensive slur I'v ever received, and, so far as I am concerned, unequivocally justifies a no-longer-welcome status at this site. People like this have far deeper issues than which I care to deal in my short time left on earth.

With that, I am...


Randall....you have posted a Bible verse, in the context in which you put it, makes it incomplete. Are we to rejoice in another's sin? Of course not. I don't see that at all. But what you've clearly forgotten is the obligation to "expose wrong doing"...Eph. 5:11.
What are you doing to expose wrong doing?



The attorney, Susan Burke, for the case is on this radio program discussing the suit.


Thanks Lydia. I listened. Very informative. I hope the SGM legal team will be as transparent as is Burke. And, I put up a link on the main page.

With that, I am...


Peter...your gossip and slander seriously makes me sick.

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