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Correction corrected:




Peter, forgive me for going OT, but I wanted the readers here to catch what is one of the stupidest comments ever in the history fo the SBC blogosphere made by our current 2nd VP

"The entities of the SBC are governed by their boards of trustees, and the SBC does not rule over them."

There you have it. The Trustees of the the SBC entities are a law unto themselves and are accountable to no one. If the Trustees at Southern, Southeastern, Lifeway, NAMB have decided that they want to Calvinize the SBC there is nothing anythone in the SBC can do about it.

Maybe the sainted 2nd VP would have the coutersy to stand in front of the SBC Convention and explain that the Trustees are rulers/elders and the little peasants need to shut their mouths.


Some of you may be aware that Diane Schreiner, wife of Tom Schreiner, was in a serious bicycle accident yesterday. She has suffered a severe head injury and several broken bones. We received this email from Tom a few minutes ago: "Diane is doing pretty well physically for which we are very thankful. The main concern is bruising in the brain which affects speech and comprehension. It is possible that it will be quite severe. They just don't know yet, and hence your prayers would be appreciated. We believe our God reigns and are very appreciative of the outpouring of love we have received. Gratefully, Tom."

peter lumpkins

Thanks for the info, Mike. May our Lord grant His healing touch must be our prayer...

Jim G.

Indeed. I will pray for Mrs. Schreiner also.

Jim G.

Tim G

Miller is actually speaking the truth on this subject. The only influence that the SBC has over the entities according to the SBC Bylaws is that of electing Board Members. That is it - no avenue nor Convention structure to direct influence beyond that.


Tim, I' thankful the people who fought the Conservative Resurgence didn't just throw up their hands and say "well, what a we gonna do? The trustees think it's ok to teach Mary wasn't really a virgin and the Bible has mistakes. Oh well."

The elite want us to quit questioning our betters. Claiming there's nothing that can be done because of super elders is a way to silence dissent.

Clark Dunlap

"Miller is actually speaking the truth on this subject. The only influence that the SBC has over the entities according to the SBC Bylaws is that of electing Board Members."

And the sainted 2nd VP, is in fact that, a saint. And so are you Mary and Tim etc. etc. If you have trusted Christ as Lord and Savior. So if calling Miller "sainted" was a slap it was an ironic one.

So, bottom line, you want everybody accountable to everybody or what? How about we use the structure in place.
Now apologize to Bro Miller.

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