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Situational ethics rears it's ugly head here. I would not have a problem with him publishing the document and analyzing it but publishing the email was unethical and not worthy of a Christian gentleman.

I especially wonder why he felt the need to mention the Admin Assist name. She was only doing her job. That was really low class IMO.

You know, I am constantly amazed that in my 20 year training corporate career I have actually seen less of this sort of thing than I have seen among Christian leaders! If this sort of thing was done, at least they always protect the staff people who were only doing their jobs.

Not well done, Mr. Ascol. Have you surrounded yourself with yes men, too?


I forgot to add the declaration by Mr. Ascol that he does not want to participate in such disunity as the article.

That is a stunningly disingenuous statement considering he published a private email first thing! Are his followers really this blind? That is willful purposeful divisiveness.

Does he really believe the article is promoting disunity but not his publishing a private email that unfortunatly included the poor assit name who was only doing her job?

Does he not see the hypocrtical disconnect with his words and actions? I think he needs to get out of his ministry bubble.

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