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I am glad that the "fog" is being cleared up. But it seems to me that the "master communicator" would be able to communicate his point to a "secular" source well enough that it wouldn't be taken incorrectly.

Craig Daliessio

Where was Stetzer when "Watchbloggers" were tearing apart one of my dearest friends? You know Peter...you do important work here and I pray for you daily. This bickering and pettiness and outright subterfuge is why I will remain a former SBC adherent.


" We must insist, however, Warren has failed more than one time speaking clearly and creating confusion even though he is considered a master-communicator."

What on earth does Setzer do with Warren taking PDL methods to Synagogue 2000? ACtually, I could list a ton of things that Warren has said or done that 'had to be cleared up" by his own team.

It is not like there isn't precedance for wondering about Warren. And everytime he is questioned closely we seem to get it cleared up from the master communicator.

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

If you will remember I was the first on your post that pointed out that Warren was saying he had not said this. You pointed out that Hincher had dealt with that in a post where Warren refused to be interviewed. Thus, for him to now come out saying the reporter got it wrong and Stetzer to cover for him is ludicrous. Warren lives in Orange County and he knows that paper and reporter. It is not like he was visiting in a city on the east coast and a reporter got something wrong and he didn't know about it. He lives there, serves there, and has a flourishing ministry there. He should have come out on his personal Pastor-to-Pastor site to explain he was not quoted correctly. Even his associate pastor was quoted in the article. Should we suspect if he was quoted correctly?


Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

We have a reputable journalist saying the following:

Jim Hinch Hi, I'm the reporter who wrote this story. I'm sorry Rev. Warren feels the story contains errors but the story was based on interviews and documents and it was thoroughly fact-checked. I discussed all of its major points with Tom Holladay, an associate senior pastor at Saddleback. I checked with other sources quoted in the story this morning and they said they did not see any errors. While reporting this story I asked to speak to Rev. Warren directly but was told he was too busy for an interview. If any facts need to be corrected I hope representatives from Saddleback will get in touch with me. I'm glad to see so many people reading and responding to the story. Thanks for your comments! Reply · 23 · Like · Follow Post · February 26 at 6:09pm


Robert Vaughn


The initial report may or may not be right in this particular case, but I long ago decided that Rick Warren is too wrong on both his doctrine and his practice to deserve the confidence Bible-believing Baptists.

Does anyone know if the "Kings Way" theological documents are available for perusal online? I grazed around a bit online and didn't find anything.


Hobart M. Tucker

Don't get too bent out of shape about anything Stetzer says. He may claim "facts are our friends" but he has proved he is no friend of the facts.

Some of you may remember the "research findings" about the aging of the SBC Stetzer released at the 2009 SBC as a prelude to Johnny Hunt's launching the GCRTF. I ran Stetzer's conclusions (that the SBC was older and aging faster than the general U.S. population) by a reputable researcher in Connecticut (someone who actually makes money from big name corporate clients) and this outsider had this to say: "It would appear that your expert torpedoed the SBC. His conclusion that you are one and a half years older than a national average and fading is nonsense when you weight the generations. ... Reckless press releases can scar peoples thinking. Are you planning damage control"

So, I would not lose any sleep about Stetzer's spin on things.

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