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I have gained great evidence and thought provoking wisdom from your website. I'm predicting your site will not decline or flat-line but will increase substantially since it seems that our Baptist non-Press seems more bent on Public Relations and spin...rather than giving us the unvarnished facts and truth.
Keep up the good work. Thanks for being the "SECOND MAN".
Let me explain:
Prov. 18:17- The first to plead his case seems right till another comes forward and examines him.
Thanks again for being the "SECOND MAN" by examining every proposal and using the principles found in the inerrant Word He gave us as your basis.


A hearty Amen to Casey's comment! Thank you Peter for standing in the gap - words are not idle words when they contend for the faith. May the next 1 million hits come sooner than 5 years!

peter lumpkins


I appreciate your encouragement more than you know.

With that, I am...


Congrats Peter!

This is a great milestone and I celebrate it with you. Enjoy a robust cup of Java and one of those little expensive pastries ...and...send me the bill.


I have been incredibly blessed, and encouraged by your writing. I think you offer an incredibly balanced presentation, and a much needed alternative to other writers. God bless you, and keep writing.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for the encouragement, my brother. We all lay eggs now and then--even the best of writers. I trust I lay no more than my rightful share as a fallen yet redeemed human being I am.

Lord bless.

With that, I am...


Congratulations, Pete. It's wonderful. Often, you write what my head wants to say, but my emotions don't want to deal with. selahV

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