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Ron Hale


Thanks for sharing about this great journal and the latest edition. It got a chance to look at it yesterday and I'm so excited about reading every article.

I had the opportunity of pre-reading the article by Dr. Eric Hankins prior to the publish date. It's worth the read.

Peter ... I heard that Dr. Hankin's Dad is the State Ex. of LA convention.


Robert Vaughn

Thanks for the reminder. Great looking journal. I look forward to reading Grantham by Matt Pinson. His 2003 journal articleWill the Real Arminius Please Stand Up?brought a new light to my understanding of Arminianism, which I had generally only known or thought of as Wesleyan-type Arminianism. I quickly scanned Eric Hankins's piece, but haven't read it thoroughly. It's well worth the price. Oh, wait, there is no price! But it definitely will be the highlight of the journal, imo, to be brought to think of a biblical soteriology that is not bound by a thousand years of (often) unbiblical presuppositions.

But, Peter, where is Bart's review of your book? I thought you meant either in the journal or on his blog, but I haven't found it in either place.


peter lumpkins


My deepest apologies. I actually thought the review was this issue. However, it is a former issue my review is in, but the issue has just been posted. The journal has been behind and they are just now posting it. So, here it is!

With that, I am...

David R. Brumbelow

Great review by Bart Barber of "Alcohol Today: Abstinence in an Age of Indulgence." Hope everyone will read it, and then buy the book.
David R. Brumbelow

Robert Vaughn

Got it. Thanks, Peter.

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