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It was with great sadness that I read Joshua Breland’s assessment of Dr. Jerry Vines’ interview with SBC Today. For this young man to challenge the heart and insight of Dr. Vines, a former SBC President and elder to Breland in denominational tenure, is disrespectful to say the least. Dr. Vines offers his perspective on theological drift within the SBC with a burden over that which has diverted our attention from reaching a lost world for Christ. Dr. Vines speaks with spiritual maturity and wisdom developed during a faithful Gospel ministry spanning 50+ years. Dr. Vines has interceded and labored through many spiritual battles to preserve Truth within SBC ranks. Mr. Breland has yet to serve his first day as pastor and offers only the echos of his reformed influencers. Dr. Vines has something to say – listen to him.


Max, I don't think Breland and his ilk have any understanding of how much of a debt we owe to Jerry Vines, Patterson, Rogers and others. Without them and their tenacious fighting for the truth the SBC today would be ordaining lesbian ministers and teaching the Bible as myth. but yeah, boys just barely old enough to shave think they have something to teach Jerry Vines.

Leslie Puryear

Breland is incorrect in his assessment that Dr. Vines' comments will lead to a split in the convention. Calvinists have already caused a split in the convention. The split existed a long time before Dr. Vines ever spoke about it.


Leslie – Indeed there is division in the SBC. God forbid there is ever a split. But if that ever happens, it will be due to a lack of cooperation on both sides, not just one.

Steve Evans

Thank you, Dr. Vines, for your faithfulness to the Word throughout the years. Many souls have a new home in heaven. Keep preaching brother! Praise God!

Debbie Kaufman

Ordaining lesbian ministers? Really Mary? That statement is just ridiculous. Are you saying women ministers are lesbians? I don't get this statement at all. Good grief!


Debbie, good grief! that' not what is said at all. Get a grip and stop jumping to conclusions because you want to attack.

Debbie's logic, some women are lesbians and some women are ministers so to put the words lesbian ministers together must mean I think all women ministers are lesbians. What a leap. yeah I'm really that dumb and naive Debb

peter lumpkins

From what I have observed, Breland started out on his blog by raising fair questions, offering historical references, and employing historical analysis. This cheap shot at Vines--especially the low caliber "points" he was attempting to make--may offer predictable ends where he is now headed: the Tribalogue/Founders/Alpha-Omega type of scorched earth criticism which warrants little respect in the on-going dialogue in the SBC. I hope this isn't the case, but one must wonder...

With that, I am...


I think Mary is astute enough to know that not all women preachers are lesbians. LOL. It would the same as if she believed all complimentarians agree with Driscoll's brand of comp doctrine.


lmalone, Debbie's problem is that I mentioned ordaining women and since she wanted to attack me on that point she had to make up some ridiculous statment - "Mary says ALL women minister's are lesbians."

lmalone, I hope you'll take this in the spirit it's written:) the logic is thus:

Some men are gay
Some men are mutualist
lmalone is a man
lmalone is a mutualist
therefore lmalone.... apologies to Mrs. lmalone!

Of course some doesn't equal all. I fear for the country when I see the lack of critical thinking skills among so many on these blogs.

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