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Well, I'm thinking my "Mr. Coffee" would be embarrassed next to your fancy dancy Saeco Focus. lol. thanks for the "tip" though.

It's good to know some businesses stand behind their warranties and their words. selahV


This isn't one of those pyramid scheme things is it Peter? ;^)

I just prayed over my old clunker coffee maker ... felt sorry for it after reading about your gizzmo.

It's refreshing to hear about a business standing behind their product ... too many stories of those who don't.

peter lumpkins

Hey, ya'll. Maybe ya'll don't make as much brew as do I. After burning up a few Mr. Coffees, I decided to 'save' for the big one :^)

And, yes, WS is one great stand-behind store.

With that, I am...

PS For the record, I have no contracts with WS as a paid advertisement ;^)


I have never had a bad experience with WS. And I will say that I have burned through 3 expresso makers in 7 years. Not a one bought there. However, next time.....

boB Cleveland

I haven't had any experience with Williams Sonoma, either, but I do know that, 2 weeks ago, my younger son bent a Craftsman wrench that I bought as part of a set in the fall of 1957.

Yes. Just over 54 years ago.

He took it back to Sears and there wasn't even any paperwork. They just took the old one .. a 1/2" drive breaker bar .. and handed him a new one.

I loves me some Sears tools!

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