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I figured something was up when I came across Santa Claus in the official confession of faith of the church (joined by Mark Dever and John Piper).

You and Lemke get credit for a far more thorough treatment of the matter.


Perhaps Dr. Ascol could reveal how many nonCalvinist churches are members of his Founders Friendly Association?

And maybe Jonathon Akin could explain why two seminaries are allowed to use the Abstract to exclude in their hiring practices when he's pushing the line about the BFM2000 as sufficient. And perhaps he could also explain why no one holds Al Mohler an employee of the SBC accountable for his insults against a majority of the SBC and yet young Akin somehow believes the SBC should issue some papel bull against an autonomous association.

Hershael W York

Peter, when you put that image of my tweet in there, how did you underline it? That is really cool!

peter lumpkins

Dr. York,

One can do alot with photoshop. Just about any photo-editing software will do the trick.

With that, I am...

peter lumpkins


Those are very good Qs. Perhaps we'll have some answers forthcoming...NOT ;^)

With that, I am...

peter lumpkins


Thanks for the kudos. The WR woefully neglected to properly inform the public about this vote. More significantly, they failed the DMBA, choosing instead allow PVCC to gain unwarranted sympathy for their failure to persuade the association they were genuine candidates for membership.

With that, I am...

Chris Gilliam

Excellent post....

Ron Hale

Many Southern Baptists have forgotten that the local Baptist Association has historically been the entity that thoughtfully considers the theology and practises of potential new congregations. The Association is closer to the local churches and has an insight that a state convention or national convention could never have.

You have done an excellent job in reporting this issue.

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