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The hymn is a famous one called the 'Siyahamba', from an African hymn meaning 'We are marching".

There is a version of "We Are Marching in the Light of God") in a hymnal widely used in American Catholic parishes.

The service is a simple liturgy of Thanksgiving (Eucharistic) communion, apparently open for partaking to all present.

If you want to know the history of the hymn 'Siyahamba', you can google it, but I can tell you that it was first sung in Africa by people seeking relief from oppression, who were non-violent Christian people.

Thanks for showing this. I know it offends you probably in many ways, but it is meaningful to someone like me.

Steve Evans

We do not celebrate communion we observe the Lord's Supper. It is NOT salvific in any way!!! This really bristles the hair on the back of my neck. As someone who was raised in the Catholic tradition of transubstantiation I choose to not believe the lie portrayed on above video. But with the liberals pushing for one church why should anyone be surprised. "Even so come Lord Jesus." The time is at hand.


Steve, if you were raised in the Catholic tradition, you would realize that the video does NOT portray a Catholic Eucharistic service.

peter lumpkins


My difficulty with the act is that it portrays no kind of Christian service. Period. The Supper has nothing to do with us--our goals, our efforts at peace or social justice. Nor is the Supper to be observed outside the confines of the local church, the purpose of which is to commemorate the death of Christ. Hence, the Supper is a church ordinance, given particularly to the church not religious organizations regardless how worthy they may seem, and specifically not to protest groups like "occupy ___." This video is a clear case of religiously-minded people hijacking a decidedly Christian symbol/ritual for their own warped purposes.

With that, I am...


Post-ecclesiological Christianity ... post-modernism ... post-Christian America ... and post-Southern Baptist coming soon to an SBC church near you. I fear that the word which best describes the ecclesiological age we are living in is Apostasy: a defection from truth, abandonment of a previous loyalty, a forsaking of God ... the great falling away from righteousness as described in 2 Thessalonians 2. Our only hope: 2 Chronicles 7:14.


Peter, did you see this on the news this morning. A new study shows that even moderate drinking of alcohol by women significanly increases their chances of getting breast cancer. Just drinking wine, beer, or whiskey just 3 times per week increases the rish of breast cancer a lot. Boy, when you add in the fact that just one drink of alcohol, before the woman even knows that she's pregnant, can give the baby in the womb FAS(fetal alcohol syndrone); then you just have to see how correct the Bible is about this. The Bible teaches in Proverbs how foolish it is to drink fermented, undiluted wine(alcohol); and it teaches in Ephesians 5 that it's sinful to be drunk on alcohol. When will we learn?


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