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Steve Evans

Just saw on facebook some of the former members of the church I now serve. They were yucking it up about sitting on the beach drinking wine........may be glad they are former members. By the way, what ever happened to that old document called the church covenant? Seems to me it would still be useful in today's culture of anything goes. Oh well, guess I'm just a piece of furniture and not one of the pastors whose opinion used to matter. Thank you, Peter, for your biblical stand against alcohol!


We're introducing our new/proposed CONSTITUTION-BYLAWS this Sunday, which includes the Church Covenant, and puts it on par with the Bylaws, saying, "...it is totally consistent with the purpose, mission and direction of the Church." It will take 2/3rds to change the Bylaws and/or portions of the Covenant. It clearly states 'to abstain from intoxicating drink and tobacco products'. I'd send it to the Emergent/Acts29 crowd for their consideration but I'd be wasting my time.


Most churches of a certain age would have had church covenants with the prohobition on alcohol. A lot of people would give you a blank look if you asked them about their chuches covenant.

The world is just getting so dark. The moral relativism and this idea of what's the most I can get away with and still be called a Christian. When so called "young leaders" think calling homosexuality a sin is too offensive and not the churches responsibility anymore. It's really disturbing to see a site that's supposedly touting itself as SBC Voices debating whether Christians can vote pro-abortion. There really is no debate nor justification. You would think "christians" could agree that abortion is the evil of our day and yet there are those who would excuse the support of it. Just evil in the "church" now. Very disturbing to see this piddling around with evil and those who hold themselves out as better than everyone else refusing to call evil evil. There's too much of this "let's all get along and not offend anybody attitude." We've gone done this slippery slope to the point where calling sin sin and evil evil is somehow hate speech.

Chris Gilliam

I hope it gets read. Hand's down, along with your work, an honest bible student cannot ignore the evidence. thanks for publishing this needed work in our day!!!

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