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This is a subject which has mystified me. The only thing I can figure is either a)they like to drink liquor and are trying to justify it; or b) they are trying to fit in with the culture of the day. You know, the intellectual crowd and the wine tastings, etc. I mean, to be sophisticated, you have to drink wine...according to our culture. Or, some of the others try to fit in with the bar crowd so much that they drink with them....thinking somehow that that will make them more acceptable to this bunch.

It's a shame.


David R. Brumbelow

Great, needed comments by John MacArthur.
David R. Brumbelow


David, it's not a mystery for those of us with children. All children go through the stage when asserting their autonomy they decide everything their parents know is absolutley wrong. It's rebeliion and anything a former generation has done must be wrong because these YRR are so much smarter, hipper and "spiritual" than anyone who've ever gone before them. They know how to read the Bible better than any other people in the history of Christendom.

As to why so-called "leaders" are silent and/or affirming those seeking to justify the glorification of that which destroys families and lives - that's an easy one - it's all about the politics in the SBC. Just look at what's being said about homosexuality now to see that certain factions in the SBC must be catered to so as to assure support in the process of reforming the SBC.

selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

Mary, you make too much sense. When are you going to start your own blog?



The sad thing is that you may exactly right.


Les Puryear


I love this line: "weasel words"—slippery little fellows which suck the significance out of a word leaving but an empty hull behind.



Mohler has spoken on the issue of alcohol to students at Southern:




That is a classic...woo hoo....


peter lumpkins


Thanks for the heads-up. Yes, I'm aware of the conference at SBTS. R. Moore also had some not so kind words about beer-boozing. Unfortunately that was around 2005 (or perhaps 06?), and neither Mohler nor Moore has made much out of this "pressing" issue for the SBC since. Again, I'll give you a shiny new nickel for every post you find at www.almohler.com addressing this issue.

With that, I am...

selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

Like the new look here. Nice.
If it wasn't for what it would do to Tuna, I would wish all the alcohol would be picked up by twisters and dumped into the ocean. It's nothing but poison and leads to nothing but heartache...not to mention it kills brain cells. Which may be indicative to why some have very strange ideas and views about Scripture. just saying. selahV


Hariette, hope all is going better for you these days!

Every time I think of starting a blog something in our life changes and takes my attention and time. I keep thinking I might get the time to be a consistent blogger and then a new suprise from the Lord!

With the political season starting to get in gear I keep thinking I really should do a culture/political views of a Christian woman type blog. There are so many people who are being deceived by outright lies about WWJD in the world today it's astounding. The facts are all so readily available with the internet and yet so many will just lazily accept the ridiculous spin of liberals.

Again, I think it goes back to this idea that our hearts are rebellious. Anything our parents believed must have been wrong so we see Christians accepting views that are centered around man's wisdom and philosophy which is opposed to God's wisdom and a Biblical understanding of human nature. This leads to a distorted view of how the world actually works and what purpose and/or roles a government should have in our lives.

Maybe with the start of the new school year I'll carve out some mom time in the schedule for blogging. If nothing else I could have my own place to rant without threadjacking someone's else blog.

Sorry to go off topic Peter. I like the new look. Was the last page still the black? I can't even remember! LOL! I do remember the black was hard on the eyes. But since I was a guest it would have been rather rude of me to complain and whine about your choices for your blog. It's amazing how this internet thingy works. Some days I choose to not go to the places on the internet that I know will just be irritating. It's like free will or something or other.



Sloppy Exegesis
Slothful Discipleship
Selfish Carnality

Peter, I hope McAuther's words get your book some traction and some real heartfelt reading.


I am always blessed with Dr. MacArthur's wisdom and biblical morality on these types of issues.

I am pretty concerned that Phil Johnson may be his replacement upon his retiring. He's much more hard-core calvinist and is far closer to the mold of a certain "apologetics" fellow with questionable credentials.

At least, we'll have access to all of macarthur's old sermons and messages when that time comes.


I did want to also mention, in reference to what you said:

"why are Southern Baptist Calvinists silent at best and accommodating at worst on this flagrant issue among young, Southern Baptist Calvinists?"

Those who know James White, the highly prominent(at least in the calvinism circle) calvinist, and his friends, are quite into recreational alcohol. This is probably why they are silent and/or accommodating.


Rebellious generations have always looked for a loophole in the rules to justify bad behavior. Calvinism provides the perfect theology to support the desire of the young, restless and reformed (YRR) to draw as much world into their circle as possible and still be "christian". Last time I looked, God does not bless rebellion.

Combining this subject with your recent post on James Dunn, I'm reminded of the following quote by Dunn "We are wired up with a chooser and we live with the consequences of those decisions". May God soon bring a correction to the proliferation of "it's OK to drink" within YRR ranks and the SBC leadership who support and promote such stinkin' thinkin'.


In my previous comment, I meant to add the word "New" before Calvinism ... for it is New Calvinism belief and practice within YRR ranks that supports such behavior. Most "Old" guard Calvinists (as MacArthur) would not endorse aberrant views of Christian liberty of the sort espoused by Acts 29 followers. Strange days indeed within the SBC ... I feel like a recovering Southern Baptist.

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