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Bart Barber

I think he actually meant 'mien' instead of 'mind'

peter lumpkins

Well, you may be entirely correct. Leave it to a Texas pastor with a PhD to teach me the meaning of four-letter words! ;^)

With that, I am...

Malcolm Yarnell

Mind your mien, gentlemien.

peter lumpkins

Mien you own business, Dr. Yarnell.

With that, I am...

boB Cleveland

It seems a bit ironic that, in the sentence immediately before the one pointing out the spelling error, you used the word "lessor" in place of "lesser". Unless, of course, BDW is having undisclosed Lessor problems with some property he's renting.

Not that I mien, mien you.


peter lumpkins


I'll tell you as I told Dr. Yarnell:

Mien you own business

With that I am...

P.S. thanks. I corrected it.

peter lumpkins


O.K. Here's the official word: the original source says 'mien' not 'mind'. So, Aaron is off the hook and you appear to be correct.

But wait! Perhaps The Report from the Capital misspelled Dunn's original word, 'mind'. We're left with Dr. Dunn clearing up this mass confusion!

With that, I am...

Joe Blackmon

You know, when I read this review and thought about James Dunn and what he stood for theologically, I could only respond with thankfulness. I am so thankful for men like Adrian Rogers and Paige Patterson--men who love God and were faithful to God's inerrant word. If it were not for real men like those two who stood their ground, the SBC would no longer be a Christian denomination.

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