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Joe Blackmon

For the world to embrace homosexual sex as an acceptable lifestyle is no surprise. I mean, the lost are going to act lost.

The sad, disgusting thing to me is when people say "I'm a Christian but it's not my place to judge. That's God's job, not mine". Even worse is when people who claim to be Christians say that it's ok for two men or two women to have sex and that God approves of that.

Tim G

I think the kicker is simple: the Bible clearly teaches that fornication is sin and thus wrong. Homosexuals are fornicating, thus in sin and wrong. Marriage biblically is between man and woman. Two men or two women does not fit the model, thus sin and wrong.

Why is this put in manners that seem to make it complicated?


Good post. It's important for us to get the skills to live for God across the board. I'd like to see more posts like this.
On the other hand, this link may interest you.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for the link. Professor McConnell's natural law response AM was invigorating to read.

With that, I am...


I think the baffling distinction between moral problems with psychological problems has always been an issue. Also delving into treatment of neurotic compulsions is needed in the discussion about stereotyped or irrational acts that are presented in the discussion.

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