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Aaron O'Kelley


I urge you to read this comment on Dr. Mohler's forthcoming piece in the Wall Street Journal. This is the kind of person our churches are not helping much, and that is why Dr. Mohler is saying what he is saying:



The sad part of this is...that one of the most articulate men in the SBC(should we conclude, now, former?) can clarify, rectify and dispel all speculation(s) in 5 minutes or less...if he just will. The concern increases as more and more info gets out there to 'cloud' both the witness of Al Mohler and Southern Baptists...as well as Bible believers as a whole. Every moment that ticks by deludes another person into thinking 'we've caved to the culture' rather than standing unashamedly for the clear WORD of GOD. Stop the speculation of a homosexual family member, family friend, change in belief(s) having influenced you to 're-consider'. Wrong or right...the speculation will continue until you a) apologize for 'group punishment' and b) clarify all your comments and explain to the 'nth' degree.
Your fellow Southern Baptists are waiting on you........


"Dr. Mohler is a theologian and an ordained minister, having served as pastor and staff minister of several Southern Baptist churches. He came to the presidency of Southern Seminary from service as editor of The Christian Index, the oldest of the state papers serving the Southern Baptist Convention."



Peter, excellent as always.

But you wrote "reflecing" meaning reflecting.

peter lumpkins


Thanks! I fixed it. Spellcheck is no more infallible than I :^)

With that, I am...

J. K.

The Bible does teach that original sin is inherited from Adam (Romans 5). What would it matter if this inheritance of sin was somehow genetic? Man would still be responsible because he did what he wanted to do.

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