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You must have forgotten the last line of the article that you quoted in its almost entirety:

"He said the hard truth is, 'Only the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ gives a homosexual person any hope of release from homosexuality. The gospel is what we stand for -- and the gospel is the only remedy for sin.'

Some other denominations now teach there's no need for release and that God can bless same-sex relationships."

Sounds like Dr. Mohler still believes that homosexuality is a sin that can be overcome by the gospel of Jesus Christ. I fail to see what alarm bells we should be ringing. Personally, I have seen SBC churches where members could not be open about their struggles, where derogatory terms like "faggot" and "gay-wad" were used even by staff members. I think that is the homophobia that he was talking about. I do not see any compromise on Scripture, do you have any evidence otherwise?

peter lumpkins


Whoops, no I didn't. The block quote is clearly displayed. And I have a link to the entire story.

With that, I am...

peter lumpkins

BTW Luke,

No, Dr. Mohler did not suggest as you do he was referring to "derogatory terms like "faggot" and "gay-wad" were used even by staff members." Instead he said "we've lied about the nature of homosexuality" and hence practiced "homophobia". I haven't lied about anything. Nor do I use those terms about homosexuals to whom I minister.

Hence, Dr. Mohler can keep his assertions to himself about lying and spewing half-truths concerning gayness. He does not speak for me or my church.

With that, I am...


Luke, the whole term "homophobia" is a godless and secular term that Christians should not be using, because it is and always will be used for the express purpose of normalizing homosexuality.

I do not think Christians should be hateful toward homosexuals, but I also believe a stigma of a sin is a healthy thing, and the fact that sin is so rampant these days, and acceptable, is also tied to the fact that there is not a stigma for sins anymore(such as a child out of wedlock).

A. Price

Heard a sermon in which the preacher said, God not only hates the 'sin' but also the 'sinner'. His scripture reference was Proverbs 17:15.
He went on to say that unless, or until, the 'wrath' of God is removed from that person, through repentence and faith, we all know what their 'fate' is going to be.
So, the question is, if one's 'lifestyle' does not match their 'testimony', are they a Christian?



I must offer my utmost apology. Perhaps, I was confused but I for some reason must have completely skipped over that last part of the block quote. I guess the ultimate whoops and apology must come from me. Next time I should bite my tongue and read through again before accusing you of misusing or withholding sources.

While I understand you don't want him to speak for you or your church, I still don't see where he has swerved from historic, orthodox, Christian understanding of human sexuality.

Do you really think the stigma of sin is a healthy thing? Is that what Jesus practiced - emphasizing stigmas? While I think we need to be clear about the sinfulness of homosexuality, I disagree that people who struggle with this attraction should be stigmatized or used as jokes.

Jack Maddox


With all due respect to Peter - I recommend you leave twitter alone - it can get you in trouble. I speak from personal experience...

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Jack Maddox

peter lumpkins

Brother Jack

agreed! ;^)

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