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JS Houston

First Wade Burleson, now McLaren. Waiting for Joel Osteen to chime in any minute now with his affirmation.


Peter, Peter, Peter....

Let this go.

peter lumpkins

Peter, Peter, Peter

let this go

can’t you see

we’re not to know

all the things

our leaders say

we’ll know too clear

come judgment day


Cody, Cody, Cody,

no, no, no

I will not let

this issue go

Christ calls us now

to make all clear

the Word of God

in every ear


With that, I am…



WOW! How could Mohler be the only one not to see this coming? He's to smart to be this naive. Therefore, it begs to ask the question again...has he changed his position and moved far left? Has he joined the likes of McLaren?

Dr. Jim Roebuck

Bro. Peter,
Keep up the good work. Let the liberals & Bible rejectors squeal. Personally, I always intend for a hit dog to holler.
Dr. Jim Roebuck

Les Puryear


To me, anything less than an apology from Dr. Mohler to the SBC for accusing us as liars and homophobes is unacceptable.

Do not let this go.




To me, anything less than an apology from Dr. Mohler to the SBC for accusing us as liars and homophobes is unacceptable.

Do not let this go.


True conviction hurts. Yet, our repentance from homophobia is not as difficult as someone's repentance from homosexuality. Get some perspective.

peter lumpkins


So, are we to assume you have perspective on this issue contra our Les' lack of at least "some perspective," a perspective based upon a questionable assertion that "repentance from homophobia" is less difficult to accomplish than "repentance from homosexuality"? Tell me, how does that work? What evidence exists to which you could appeal to argue your point? More importantly, would you have some scriptural justification for what seems to be a strange proposition, John?

With that, I am...


Hello Peter,

It's me, Christiane.
I was wondering if you ever had an opportunity to see the film
'Molokai: the Story of Father Damien' ?

It shows so much of what can happen among Christian people when faced with an 'uncomfortable' reality which still calls to them for ministry, and yet at the same time can push that needed ministry away.

I think in watching it, if you can, you will recognize some of the themes it portrays, in a way that doesn't make present difficulties greater, but offers support to all concerned from the perspective of how Christian people faced a great challenge in the past, disagreeing among themselves, and in the end, finding their way forward:

yes, the film is about 'leprosy', not 'homosexual behavior';
but in a way the real theme is to seek the renewal of all things in Christ, even amidst great difficulty and especially amidst the failures of people to understand one another's viewpoints and needs.
You will see the connections, I know, and the perspective may offer some good during a difficult month.


Les Puryear


Dr. Mohler said that we in the SBC are "liars" and "homophobes." He admitted to saying that. I am a member of the SBC and so is my church. I am not a liar and I am not a homophobe. For Dr. Mohler to make such a broad statement, which, by the way includes you as well, is wrong and he crosses the line of his authority. That is my issue. To me, nothing less than an apology to every member of the SBC is acceptable.

BTW, do you know me? How do you know easy or hard it is for me to repent about anything? I have publicly repented of some things to my church. I have publicly repented of comments I have made on my blog. For you to assume you know me well enough for you to to make a judgment on what is or is not easy for me to repent about is one of the most arrogant comments I have ever read. Perhaps you need to resign from being the Holy Spirit for a while.


Asaf Pelled

Ouch... brethren, it's painful to see that you fail to see what Christians around the world seem to see so clearly. The spirit of bigotry is still all but past in the American church.

The course of time will prove to vindicate brother Mohler's perspective.

In Christ,

Asaf Pelled

Semper reformanda!

(I am secure you are honest and truthful and will therefore present this post. Thank you for this kindness!)


The god of this age falls under the guise of "tolerance" and "acceptance."

Mohler is trying to avoid being linked with hateful, intolerant bigots(also known as those with a biblical view of homosexuality), so he can be thought of as thoughtful, intellectual, and tolerant by the world.

What he and John don't realize is, if Jesus himself was hated for his views of sin, how do we expect to avoid being hated for it? There's not some way you can spin the bible regarding homosexuality and sin that will be acceptable to the lost. It doesn't matter how much you try, you won't accomplish it. You'll either be hated for doing what is right, or loved for doing what is wrong.

A.M. Mallett

McLaren and Mohler united under the rainbow gay awareness banner. When does Mohler start his new show on TBN?

Jennifer L. Grisham

Mr. Lumpkins,

I just came across your blog while trying to research the happenings of June's SBC convention in Phoenix. I am a third year student with Liberty University studying Religion and the more I learn about the SBC, (Richard Land calling mormonism the fourth Abrahamic faith, the SBC "cleaning up" Obama's Dream Act-no wonder the convention was conveniently held in Phoenix, the influence of Emergent theology and sin going unchecked in the SBC church and now Mohler's comments) I am feeling greatly discouraged wondering if there will be a place for my husband and myself to minister as we wish to humble ourselves under Godly leadership. My husband and I have been attending an SBC church for about a year now and felt as if we had found a church fellowship that was very conservative and doctrinally sound. Imagine my suprise when we found out the GA's leader is living with a man who is not her husband, while the other teacher is very engaged by the writings of Sue Monk Kidd. The pastor refuses to deal with this issue. We love Jesus and the church but feel as if we are being asked to compromise; either join and compromise or have no outlet to minister at all. Please pray for us and our children.

Jennifer Grisham
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia



Thank you for your comment. And, know I prayed for you and your family this morning. I'm so sorry you feel called to ministry but find it may mean compromise on your part. Be patient. God will put you in a place of service which will best honor Him and fit your gifts. Know also it takes courage, love, and much patience to confront sin as you've described. Pray for your pastor and encourage him. Pledge to be the ministers God calls you to be when He places you in His vineyard.

Blessings, Jennifer. May our Lord use you greatly for Him.

With that, I am...

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