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While the AM response today is a little clearer(or is it?). One question that still needs to be asked, "Why was homosexuality singled out as(apparently) the only(?) sin that Southern Baptists have "lied" about or been "(homo)phobic" about?" Why this one in particular? Couldn't adultery, fornication, stealing, and coveting be a 'subject'? Could we not be predisposed to any number of sins...but why concentrate on that? Isn't that the basic sin nature? Why not concentrate on the uplifting power of JESUS CHRIST to conquer all?

Justin Owens

Because he question was asked concerning homosexuality.


The question was asked(prior to the SBC on blogs) at the SBC because AM had made the "lied" and "(homo)phobic" comments prior to that. What I'm saying to AM and others is why the subject of 'homosexuality'? Why not the 'other sins'?
Seems to me it could be the result of a meeting with Jonathan Merritt, Jay Bakker and AM in sharing their 'struggles' and 'bullying language'. Part of his original statement still needs to be clarified...especially to Southern Baptists, who pay his salary, but to the larger Evangelical world as well.


Did anyone see Mr. Mohler's comments on Twitter regarding the NY decision last night?

@albertMohler Same-sex marriage approved by 33-29 vote in New York senate. Sad day for marriage...and for us all.

@albertmohler This morning, marriage was defended by a one- vote margin in the New York senate. The final vote was 33-29. Cowardice loves cover.


Jonathan Merrit made it to the Huffington Post:


peter lumpkins

Thanks Mary. I saw that and am responding to it today...

With that, I am...


I'm anti same sex marriage :( Sad if its going to be approved


Peter, reading comments over there are enlightening, but sometimes stomach churning. It really is scary how depraved people have become. And if anyone thinks there is not a segment of society who wants to do away with each and every freedowm we have as Christians they only have to hang out at sites such as Huff Post which is mild compared to some of the political blogs.

Thomas Lowe

This whole gay thing is hilarious. The gays make up about 2% of our population yet the SBC leaders are doing hand stands to make nice with these sodomites, while ignoring sins like internet pornography which infects 95% of all males in the USA in and outside the Church. I guess it's time for those in the SBC closet to come out and get their freak on. sad day


Mohler clears the air in the WSJ!


Ed Goodman

- an inaccurate or false statement
- to express what is false
- to convey a false impression

When Mohler says, "We've lied," he may not have meant that Southern Baptists have intended to deceive people. The three defintions given above illustrate that the word can be used without a definitive sense of deceptive intent. A lie can simply be an untruth, without any motive ascribed whatsoever.

Mike O'Neal

I love Dr. Mohler, but by using the phrase "more than a choice" he swerved into the “it isn’t my fault” defense used by the radical homosexual community. The reasoning behind their argument goes something like this. God made me this way, so what I do is not really a choice. This is the way I am. Obviously, if we agree with the concept that sin isn’t the fault of the sinner, then it must by default be because God made us this way. Where does it all stop? Bank robbers, pedophiles, drug addicts? Here we go again, another divisive SBC food fight.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. Sorry, Ed. To suggest "A lie can simply be an untruth, without any motive ascribed whatsoever" is nonsense. If it has no motive to deceive it is not a lie for the one speaking it. Nor is the list you use "three definitions" of "lie." Rather they represent usage nuances which are more or less contained within the word "lie." Even so, I suspect Dr. Mohler's call to repent becomes rather vacuous, wouldn't you say, if no moral culpability was assumed.

Face it, Ed: this particular part of the issue could vanish instantaneously if Mohler would just say--

"You know. Suggesting evangelicals (and, by implication, Southern Baptists) "lied" about the nature of homosexuality was much too strong a term to use. We may have failed to minister well to homosexuals but we certainly have not lied about homosexuality. I'm sorry I used that term. I should have said, we've failed--and miserably so--at explaining and even embracing a solid understanding of the complex nature of homosexuality"

The fact is, Dr. Mohler created this reaction when he used the words and perpetuates it by ignoring his poor use of words. That's about as simple as I can put it.

With that, I am...

Ed Goodman

Oh, so basically you're just acting like a big crybaby because your feelings have been hurt since Big Al called us all liars. Gotcha.

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