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Remember that just as recent as a few weeks ago that Al Mohler's office said that, "...were in a difficult position of criticizing a Friend of Southern Seminary and his son in dealing with this." Of course they were referring to James Merritt and his son Jonathan. Sad that once again influence and $$$$$ are silencing our leaders.

William Thornton

...thought you might notice that column.

Is Merritt-the-younger just too small a figure to elicit a direct response from Mohler?

Matt Beckett


I would like to post a comment for another posting to which the articles section is now closed,
The comment was regarding the congregation at Cross Pointe and their views or at least what they were being taught, by Jonathan Merritt. I do not agree with or condone his article nor do I tolerate his position. I like many members, ministers, and attendees are searching for a new church. 3 staff members resigned in the past 2 weeks due to this theological issue. As no one on the staff is willing to address the theological lapse from what has been thousands of years of a clear biblical stance on homosexuality. It appears to be a “don’t ask, don’t tell situation” on the article with Pastor James Merritt and staff. Sadly I believe very few people in the congregation realize that this situation is even going on. Right under their nose the issue exists and is concealed from scrutiny or any rebuttal. Pastor James Merritt will certainly not be airing out the situation to members on Sunday Morning. It would seem that the body of Christ, for whom Christ gave His life, should have knowledge of this issue and the ability to compare the stance of ministers with that of scripture. The very fact that the situation is concealed in secrecy may be pointing to an even larger issue indeed. It is sad to see as the body of Christ is paying for the price for their lack luster handling of biblical truth at Cross Pointe.

In Christ,


Al Mohler & Homosexuality

Al Mohler stated that homosexuality is "more than a choice." Should we think, then, that there were at least some "non-choosing" citizens in Sodom etc. and that therefore God didn't "choose" to destroy them but was only "oriented" to destroy them? Is it now better to be gay-fearing than God-fearing (Matt. 10:28)? And is Mohler now hurrying up the Second Coming by helping to fulfill the "days of Lot" (Luke 17:28f)?

(saw the above while on the net)

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