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Tom Parker

Why does it matter what his father thinks of his son's view?

selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

"God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way." whew...isn't that the truth! I guess this just goes to prove that sons and fathers, mothers and daughters, etc. are going to be at odds with one another, hunh? Could this video be an illustration of Christ's prophetic words explaining that He had come with a sword to divide? selahV

peter lumpkins


I don't know. I do know I really am uncomfortable doing a piece on disparate views between Father & son. It's surely not my forte. I believe, however, Jonathan's widely-read view needs to be challenged, especially since he is staffed at a church which people presume is a conservative Southern Baptist congregation. If Cross Pointe was a "moderate" or "liberal" church I don't think I'd be taking any time on it at all. But CP is not, and frankly I don't think his church knows how "radical" his views are compared to Dr. Merritt's.

Have a great day.

With that, I am...


I don't think this is any more complicated than merrit wants to serve two masters. He wants the world to accept him.

The idea that you are going to buddy up to the homosexual community and trick them into one day thinking it is sinful is just ridiculous, and unbiblical.

Lawrence T.

It must be painful for the elder Merritt to preach on Sundays from the platform where his own son stands to commit the undoing of the dad's previously outstanding ministry. I have visited at times both Crosspoint and Merritt's previous church in Snellville and there is no comparison. In Snellville (this would have been about 2001, i think), I experienced a dynamic, vibrant evangelistic and loving congretation. There was exciting worship the times I was there. In stark contrast, however, recently i visited the Merritts' current church and found the place cold and hollow. In the service I attended I was stunned to hear Jonathan Merritt scold many in the congregation who arrive late, toward the end of the music portion of the program, saying that it was disrespectful to the musicians who had worked hard to put on their program. Were I a member there I would now be an ex-member. There was no fire, just a band performing songs from the radio, followed by a sermon (by the senior pastor Merritt) that was very good, as I recall, though I can't remember the topic. Unfortunately the message was overshadowed by the scolding from the young Merritt. What a tragedy to see a legacy go up in smoke like that.

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