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Peter, did I miss where Micah Fries apologized for falsely accusing SBC Today of being affiliated with NOBTS? Could you post that link? Did the blog who posted Micah Fries false information make a retraction and public apology? I know there are not double standards for things like this. If a nonCalvinist had made false statements against a Calvinist blog you know the whole blogasphere would have erupted and accusations of conpsiracies to demean and discredit whole segments of the SBC until the nonCalivinist apologized and then the apology would have been lambasted as not sincere and then they would have called for someone's head on a platter.

peter lumpkins


Good morning from West Georgia. The questions you ask are not irrelevant at all. Many make it a habit of calling for apologies from leaders who "tweet" info they assert is false--SBC Voices' contributors may be the Kingpin blog calling for apologies--yet when it botches info, the editors hardly call on themselves to "apologize" or retract the botched info.

With that, I am...

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