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selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

Pete, my dear bro, you have an incredible way of penetrating my heart when I least expect it and tearing out a chunk of praise for our comforting Lord.

Thank you for your kind and gracious words here. You know well, how difficult it was for me to begin to reach this pinnacle of praise for our Sovereign's hand, in which I sincerely questioned God's wisdom. I never doubted His love, but I must confess I sincerely questioned His ability to see the future.

I thank my Lord upon every remembrance of you, Pete, and your encouragement to me to begin writing again after my near-decade long hiatus. Writing truly brought sanity to my insanity and peace to my soul in this inconceivable interruption of life. How can one not write of God's divine intervening hand and not find His all-knowing providence trustworthy? Or...the perfecting, sanctifying grace His wisdom offers to all who throw themselves with abandon upon His altar of sacrifice?

Life's journey is not always fun, but oh, my, without Christ's Hope and assurance in mine, I would rather not even been a thought in our heavenly Father's mind. His love cuts deeply sometimes, yet I find through it all, there truly is a Balm in Gilead, my friend. There truly, truly is. May peace always be within your walls. selahV

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