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Wow! Sounds like you've been influenced by Elvis-ism somewhere along the line! Great stuff! That old song tells it like it is ... it will still play on main street ... still culturally relevant. Thanks Peter - you've made my day. Get that band on the road!


selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

OH...my brother...this brings back so many memories of our Seminary Village get-to-gethers and singing together, with Jether and others. Then we'd all sit around drinking coffee and praying for God to fill us with His power to reach out to others with the message of Jesus. Love it, love it, love it.
So glad you shared this, Pete. selahV

Chris Gilliam



Love it!
Peter, you have a gift . . . I hope you share it more and more.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

Christiane, amen. I wish he'd share more of this portion of his persona, too. He's so gifted in many many ways. selahV

Ron Hale

Great stuff my Friend...PTL!

Just a praise ... I had the joy of praying with a 45 year old man this morning at a Alcohol & Drug unit ... and he reached out to Jesus in repentance and faith ... as Jesus reached out to him.

Then we got to take 65 inner city kids to the Easter Presentation at Bellevue Baptist Church and they saw and heard the glorius Gospel of our Risen Lord! Glory!

peter lumpkins

Hey, thanks yall. Blessings!

With that, I am...

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