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This is the second time Jonathan Merritt has been in the news for making questionable statements. Do you remember a few years ago when he tried to lead the SBC in a more environmentally friendly direction? I remembering him saying then that not caring for Creation was like tearing a page out of the Bible. I think the bigger issue here is him having a well-connected father which has given him access in SBC life that he is not prepared for.



If it IS true that Mohler made that statement, then I should be very surprised, as it would out of character and inconsistent with his many other statements.

I think it would take a very profound event to get Mohler to even re-think his position on the issue . . . or maybe he has taken to reading the Patristic Fathers, some of whom speak to the judgmental qualities of those who seek to change the wrong behaviors of others:
This sort of writing as seen from St. Ambrose does tend to give pause:

"For he who endeavours to amend the faults of human weakness ought to bear this very weakness on his own shoulders, let it weigh upon himself, not cast it off. For we read that the Shepherd in the Gospel Luke 15:5 carried the weary sheep, and did not cast it off. And Solomon says: "Be not overmuch righteous;" Ecclesiastes 7:17 for restraint should temper righteousness. For how shall he offer himself to you for healing whom you despise, who thinks that he will be an object of contempt, not of compassion, to his physician?

Therefore had the Lord Jesus compassion upon us in order to call us to Himself, not frighten us away. He came in meekness, He came in humility, and so He said: "Come unto Me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you." (Matthew 11:28) So, then, the Lord Jesus refreshes, and does not shut out nor cast off, and fitly chose such disciples as should be interpreters of the Lord's will, as should gather together and not drive away the people of God. Whence it is clear that they are not to be counted among the disciples of Christ, who think that harsh and proud opinions should be followed rather than such as are gentle and meek; persons who, while they themselves seek God's mercy, deny it to others"


Jonathan is a problem and an embarrassment for Cross Pointe. He needs to go off and make his own name and quit riding on his father's coattails. 90% of the membership of CP are against his views on homosexuality, and myself and about 400 others will leave immediately, if he is made teaching pastor or God forbid, take over for his father down the road, we will leave and CP will cease to be a viable Southern Baptist Church.

Tim Rogers

Brother Bill,

Not disputing what you are saying because I believe you are correct Merritt said that page out of the Bible statement. However, he was quoting a professor at SEBTS that he took Systematic Theology under that made the statement in class.


peter lumpkins


I feel for your church. And, I do hope the problem can be resolved. May the Lord bless CP with guidance and gracious ability to see things through.

With that, I am...

Heartbroken for the suffering

My heart is very heavy at reading this and reading Merritt's piece. The Word of God IS sharper than any two-edged sword. It convicts. The truth hurts, but it should be painful for both those who deliver the truth and those who hear the truth--if indeed we are moved by compassion for those who seemed trapped in sin by their own choice or predisposition (and this is something Mohler explained in several columns at various points throughout his ministry).

Better to deliver/hear the truth and experience a moment of pain than a lifetime of misery that the sin of homosexuality or any sexual sin -- or other sin, delivers. We are called to be salt (which stings) and light. Not just light. Our churches must preach the Word unhindered by any popular "strategies" that underexpose the harsh truth.

Heartbroken for the suffering

Let me add this. In reading the original article, Merritt claims people will change their stand on this because they know/accept/have family members who are gay. I have friends, colleagues, family members and finally, a child who said they were gay. With the child, who also said they were a Christian, ironically, I gave them a file folder some years ago with pieces by Mohler and others. I told them while I would always love them, always welcome them home, I would never accept that they were gay as being God's plan. That family member found deliverance and wonderful support in Exodus Ministries. My views never changed because the issue was so close to me. We cannot change our biblical convictions when family members slip into sin, any more than we can change the unchanging Word of God.

Chris Gilliam


As a Pastor, I too have helped several see the light of the gospel and the reality of their sin. I concur with "heartbroken", I can love without compromising. This Love does win when really shown and shared.

peter lumpkins


I too concur with 'heartbroken' and believe we love when we do not necessarily compromise.


With that, I am...


I'm not sure Jonathan under his supposedly 'conservative' dad, James, is that, conservative. At Snellville, James knew of drinking(alcohol) SS teachers, deacons and leaders and DID NOTHING about it. He set a pattern to his son of 'not dealing with sin'. Now Jonathan is doing the same thing.....only the subject material has changed.
We need CONSERVATIVE RESURGENCE 2....now, more than ever.


So the son is on his father's ministerial staff? Is that good practice?

peter lumpkins

Well, not so far as I am concerned. However, CP is an autonomous congregation and may, therefore, call whom they'd wish to serve their church.

With that, I am...



Please remember that we as Christians cannot be "lukewarm", we cannot serve two masters. Either you believe that the word of God is complete and infallible, or you say that some parts are out of date...that destroys your witness. I believe that every word of the Bible (God's Holy word) is truth for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Remember Revelation 22:18,19-

"I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book."

Jonathan, as your sister in Christ I plead with you to retract the words that are not from God's word, and instead sow love by a humble and repentant spirit in order to bring Glory to God, because we as Christians make mistakes.


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