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Mr Pot, meet Brother Kettle.

MP: "He's so black."
BK: "Well, you're not the most luminescent either, buddy"

Justin Taylor may be in the wrong here - but are you really in a position to say a word, in light of your treatment of James White? Or that doesn't count...

peter lumpkins


Thanks. Not much for riddles. I've criticized JW to be sure. I don't think I've ever attempted to engage one of his books unread though. But you gave me a great idea for a post.

Hope you have a great Saturday.

With that, I am...

A.M. Mallett

Why don't y'all just wait and read the durn book and then all this nonsense can be settled. Then, after that, everybody needs to line up on opposing sides on the grassy knoll before charging at each other with glinting steel. I'll take pictures.

peter lumpkins


I can't read the book because it is not published ;^). But I do have a copy ordered. Then, after actually reading his book, if I conclude Rob Bell is a "heretic," I will have no reluctance whatsoever in saying so. But YRR, Justin Taylor, will not be vindicated for his prematurely judging a book "heresy" or false teaching based on a carrot cover & video and not the book itself.

Grace. Hope your Saturday is a good one...
With that, I am...


Peter, even I, in my ignorance of all things theologically correct, can see what they did was judge the book by its cover instead of waiting to read the pages clinging to the spine. And even I, with my heavy-lidded tired eyes, can wade through the verbosity of your critiques of others and see the POINT Denny Burk is missing.

Whether Justin Taylor's "initial take on the book may be vindicated when it is released on March 15" or not, does not vindicate the fact that it is nigh on to impossible to chew another's cud before dining on his pasture. Just saying. selahV

peter lumpkins

Thanks, SelahV. I sure hope the spin wizards will not take the phony concern too far.

Grace, girl.

Have a great Saturday

With that, I am...

J. K. Jones

Peter L.,

I don't have a problem calling for Bell's repentance based on other things he has said and written ("Velvet Elvis"). I don’t have a problem with calling for repentance over the content of his promotional video. The video is, at best, a publicity stunt that has negative implications for orthodox Christianity due to the way in which the questions in it are asked, whether intended or not intended.

I don't think that you endorse the core of Bell's teaching since he seems to contradict BFM Section 1 in “Velvet Elvis” and elsewhere, although I do not know the source of your issues with Bell.

I point out your stated disagreement with Bell because I don't want you to get the reputation that you are a Bell supporter in general. Despite your clear statements that you do not endorse Bell's teaching, I am afraid those that skim posts instead of reading them will miss your statements.

Would you direct me to posts on Rob Bell by you that critique his writings? If there is no such I would like to enlist your critical thinking skills to take him on in view of his presently published materials. I dare you.


peter lumpkins


Thanks. I've never written a post exclusive on Bell until now (if one can call it that). I may have mentioned him in a short series I did on Tony Jones. Bell and Jones are similar in theology at least from what I gather. Also I am familiar with V.E. Like I said I know enough to have dismissed Bell long ago. His teaching hardly affect any Southern Baptists so far as I know.

Now as for folks "skimming" my posts and missing what I actually write, I have no control whatsoever.

As for the "dare" I'm taking that as a playful elbow to the ribs.

With that, I am...

Malcolm Yarnell


There have been some interesting & enlightening posts on this matter among my fellow believers. My own outlook, since you queried me, on this matter: (1) If Rob Bell truly affirms universalism, I am compelled to pray & seek for him to change even as I affirm what I believe is the biblical position. (2) It is indeed virtuous to withhold judgment until a man has been allowed to state his position & afterwards to remain humbly circumspect with my own critique. Not, mind you, that I am perfect in these matters, but this seems to be the approach with which our Lord Jesus Himself would be pleased.

In Christ,

peter lumpkins

Dr. Yarnell,

I appreciate your logging on. I''m also glad you and I have the same reservations concerning Bell. And, unlike some others--one prominent icon of TGC callously tweeted, if I accurately recall, 'Farewell, Rob Bell'--you exhort people to pray for Bell.

Also, it means much when the point I actually made about Justin Taylor's premature 'expose' is appreciated.


With that, I am...

Chris Gilliam


The problem is YOUR theology. Rob Bell is predetermined to be wrong! ;^)

peter lumpkins


What a big mouthful you have ;^0

Good to see you back in the states bro and trust your mission to the beautiful Romanian people was successful in the Lord. We'll get to work real soon, I assure.

With that, I am...

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