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Wow - and even MORE breaking news - I had to read what James White said some four times before I could understand a word of it. Why is that breaking news? I read something James White said. Ta.Da.


peter lumpkins


I'm telling you, we're liable to get on a roll here. Pretty soon, our accusers will have nothing nasty to say since we're so supportive of their hero.

Grace, sis.

With that, I am...

boB Cleveland

Somebody said "worth-wild"?

The idea is intriguing, and while, at my age, many things are worthwhile, I can't think of anything that's "worth-wild".


Kevin Jackson

Hi Peter, a bit off topic, but have you ever read James White's parable: "The King and the Castle"? It is in "The Potter's Freedom", and White uses it to critique Geisler's "Chosen but Free" story of the boys drowning in the pond.

Anyway, White's example there really irritated me when I came across it(there are some glaring shortcomings), but I've never gotten around to blogging about it and pointing out the problems. :)


Your agreeing with White? Its enough to make a preterist believe we are in the eschaton!

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