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Les Puryear

Bravo!! A young man who "gets" it. The current move of the SBC to attempt to be more hip and cool is what happens when our convention is led by Seminary presidents and professors instead of pastors and missionaries.

Excellent post!


Rick Patrick

Amen, Brad. Please print thousands of copies of this article, rent a small airplane and drop them over Louisville, Wake Forest, Nashville and Atlanta.

peter lumpkins

Les & Rick

Thanks. I applaud your agreement...

With that, I am...

Ron Hale

Young evangelistic Pastors like Brad is who I'd like to be hearing at the SBC Pastor's Conference and other conferences.

Why do we need Piper, Acts29 guys, a bishop from Africa that was kicked out of the African Reformed Church for Pentecostalism?

If we have guys hyper on Piper ... fine ... go to his conferences.

My motto for the next few years is: I will not be Calvinized!

Thanks Brad for you article!

Howell Scott


Thanks for posting this. Brad, in this piece, speaks for me and so many others like me who are not ashamed to be Southern Baptists and who truly believe in (as opposed to giving lip service)cooperative missions and ministry. God bless,


David R. Brumbelow

Good, thought provoking article.

Why aren’t guys like this asked more often to preach in our SBC meetings? Why can’t we be proud to be Southern Baptists? Why are the leaders of the Conservative Resurgence so seldom referenced and honored by so many in the SBC of today?
David R. Brumbelow

Scott Morgan


I love the SBC and I hold to Baptist Distinctives and I'm a calvinist . BTW... I just led two breakout sessions on evangelism at the Alabama Baptist Evangelism Conference and my heart leaped for joy seeing my SBC brethren worshiping our Lord through preaching and singing. I got to pray with a few hurting pastors after my session and I tried to encourage them with the Word.
I talked to Brad Whitt today and love him so much. Yes, we differ on the doctrine of salvation at some points but I share his love and yours for our SBC but please know that the Tom Nettles, Tom Ascols,and Mark Devers love our convention as well. As a matter of fact I told all the people in the breakout sessions that I'm not ashamed of being called a Baptist.I will be headed to the Ligonier Conf in Orlando March 23-26 and rest assured that I will be agreeing with my padeobaptist brothers on some points but be assured that I'm distinctively a Baptist. There will be some Baptist preaching at this conference. Blessings my fiend.

Ron Hale

It's getting to the point where anyone can say, "I love the SBC", what we now need to know is ... what did your church give to the SBC this past to: CP? Lottie Moon? Annie Armstrong?


You might find the following blogs of interest about C.J. Mahaney and the group he leads, Sovereign Grace Ministries:


They tell another side. Hope this helps.

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