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Ian D. Elsasser

Dr. Stewart and Tony:

I am disappointed that your discussions will be offline, for I would love to read and share in the interaction. I think it truly beneficial for all to see the alternative perspectives under the Calvinistic umbrella. Too often only one perspective is presented as true and all others judged invalid or inconsistent.

Would you reconsider and continue the discussion online?

peter lumpkins


I am not going to continue allowing you to antagonize commenters on this thread. Enough is enough. For the life of me, I do not understand. Not only has Tony been patient with you, but you had the opportunity to dialog with at least two accomplished scholars--Drs. Owen and Stewart--both of whom are squarely with mainstream Reformed theology. What do you do? You attempt to argue with them rather than learn from them. And, you even questioned whether Dr. Stewart was a real Calvinist. Is there any wonder Dr. Stewart would want to take the discussion off-line? A discussion that may have benefited all of us?

Here's what I am suggesting: I suggest you back away and do not log back on here again until you can deliver the respect due.

With that, I am...

Bobby Grow

We have a book coming out that will be highlighting one the strains of Calvinism that developed in Scotland contemporaneous with English Puritanism. It is non-Federal, but certainly Calvinist! http://tftorrance.wordpress.com/ec-book/

That's not to mention The Spiritual Brethren that developed amongst the Intellectual Fathers in English Puritan development. This stuff has been out there for years, but has been poo-pooed by the "post-Reformed orthodox" for years. See Janice Knight's: Orthodoxies in Massachusetts: Rereading American Puritanism. And I just heard an excellent paper on John Eaton at the Pac NW regional ETS meeting that supports Knight's contention.

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