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Robin Foster


May the Lord bless you in this endeavor. I walked into a Lifeway store last week and I saw some books from T.D. Jakes for sale. My heart died a little.

Chris Gilliam

Looking forward to the works published @ FCP.

Ron Hale

I pray the Lord's richest blessings as you follow your heart and dreams into this new chapter of your life. <><

darryl brunson

Love it Brother! May the Lord bless.

Ed Goodman


I've never seen a T.D. Jakes book at LifeWay, but I'd probably die a little, too, if I saw one!


Congratulations, Peter. Praying success and great words to flow from FCP. May you be blessed as your ministry grows.

Just purchased the first book you've published. Am excited to read it and review it. selahV

David R. Brumbelow

I also purchased "A Gentle Zephyr - A Mighty Wind" by J. Gerald Harris, Free Church Press.
Good job on printing the book. Very good book, great illustrations.
David R. Brumbelow

aaron arledge

I saw not only saw a T.D.Jakes book in lifewy but it was in the Reccomended reading section.

Steve Allem

May the Lord bless you in this endeavor Peter.

I would suggest you look at publishing in eBook formats as well. The eBook market is taking off and the two main retailers Barnes & Noble and Amazon have made it relatively easy to publish and sell via their sites. Or you can convert and sell directly from your site as well.

I own a nook and NOOKColor and have only purchased eBooks in the last 14 months.

PubIt from B&N llnk: http://pubit.barnesandnoble.com/pubit_app/bn?t=pi_reg_home

Amazon's link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/seller-account/mm-summary-page.html?ie=UTF8&ld=AZFooterSelfPublish&topic=200260520



Thanks for the encouragement. And, thanks for the heads-up, Steve. I plan to eventually make the books available digital format. I wish I had the capital to put into tangible form all the ideas I've gathered, but alas, a few at a time as you understand, I'm sure.

Grace to all.
With that, I am...

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