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I'm waiting to hear when JW will be cycling in the Tour De France. He doesn't have to have any qualifications or follow any rules and regulations. I'm sure some team will just allow him to cycle with them based on his own testimony about how great he is.


I'm thinking that James White and the whiteheads called him up, and told him they would "expose him publicly as a liar and a cad" if he didn't do this. "You WILL defend our father!"

The only problem was, he was supposed to say that James White was the best.... ever. Like, the best at everything. The best at debating, the best at biking, the best at Christianing, the best looking...

I do think it's telling, too, that even he couldn't defend his faux doctorate.

Mr. White, if you're reading this, please stop being dishonest about your education. Otherwise, "you, sir, are a liar!"


You know, someone said on another post, that James White and his cult of followers think the rules don't apply to them.

This is a microcosm of the whole issue. I was just looking at a blog by a James white supporter, and in a new post surrounded by Christian material and other postings, he calls Mr. Lumpkins a "moron." His crime, of course, is disagreeing with James White.

How do these people see what they do as Christian behavior? I can't imagine, other than thinking the rules do not apply to them, that they are able to justify this constant behavior. It's really bizarre.

I would not be surprised if eventually they start saying of all those who disagree with James White,

"BURN THEM LIKE SERVATUS!" After all, they are already called Peter a heretic(Alexander the Coppersmith who "rejected" the teachings of Paul).

Chris Gilliam

Peter, I do not believe for one moment you do the gospel "much harm". I do believe, however, that you are doing "much harm" to pride and ego. Which BTW might be the real reason behind the whole Alex copper head stuff. But to apply scripture related to the gospel to defend ego, is antithetical to the Book. I count it a joy to have you as a brother, even if we don't see the whole soteriology issue through the same lens.



Peter, I agree with Chris. Thanks for standing up to the bully that apparently others refuse to stand up to.


Are you Mary Jo, from Confident Christianity?


Hi Roy, no not Mary Jo just Mary.

I just read JW's post where he teases about his next show featuring Alexander the Coopersmith - did you know that not only does James White play a doctor on the internet and he's a future Tour de France Cyclist, but he also has flown in airplanes! Across the ocean! The whole post was to tell his cult about his awesome airplane experiences because as we all know he is so super busy flying all over the world in airplanes playing a fake internet doctor! It seems that their is an audience for fake internet doctors. His posts are either about how many miles he can cycle and how cool he is or about how somebody somewhere in the wolrd wasted their time and money to bring him to their town. You would think a fake internet doctor would know better than to talk so much about himself as it shows a tendacy towards narcissism.

Oh and then there's the poor JW, mean ol' people like Peter have exposed him for the faker he is and reputable colleges and seminaries won't supplement his income by allowing him to have classes where he can instill in seminarians how cool and great he JW White really is. Please send him money. Of course one wonders why if those accredidated seminaries were so beneath James White he would sink so low as to want to actually teach at such lowly institutions.

Ronald J. Phillips, Sr.


I rarely have time to comment anymore on the blogs though I do try to read the OP's and some comments. Keep up the good work and congratulations on Free Church Press. I hope it goes well.


Ron P.

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