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Eric Opsahl

Praise God for your Salvation.
I find this statement interesting:
We can be in fellowship and spiritual harmony without necessarily eating at the Lord's Table together.


God bless you, Peter, for ever and ever.

peter lumpkins

Eric & Christiane

Thank you for your warm notes & Lord bless...

With that, I am...

William Thornton

Great testimony, Peter. I enjoyed reading it.


God has done a great work in thee, dear Peter. If people only knew the miracle of it all. If only...ah, but alas, only we who "knew you when" can truly marvel at the power of God's regenerating power and sovereign grace in your life. Only we...bless you, brother. selahV

Chris Gilliam

Now that'll make for some cornbread and buttermilk gum slapping. You are a prized friend and truly appreciated.

Ron Hale

I enjoyed reading you story!

Growing up the youngest of 12 kids ... I hope you liked "hand-me-downs" and I'm sure you got baptized in the creek prior to your salvation...many times by older brothers or cousins.

I can identify with you concerning a drinking Daddy. If we spent some time on it, I'm sure we could write a country song about those kind of days and ways.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. Trusting things are well up your way. Maybe coffee soon...


I'm glad you, Bob & kids were an undeniable blessing God sent our way...


One of these days, bro, we're going to get us some cornbread & buttermilk & pig out! Thanks for your warm words my friend...

With that, I am...

peter lumpkins

Thanks Ron. Oh, yes! A song indeed...;^)

With that, I am...

Chris Gilliam

Next trip up I'll get my ma to make a pone and I'll bring a quart along, actually, 2 quarts. Just have glasses ready. Do you like good cracklins in yours?



From one TN boy to another, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your testimony. God bless you, Brother.


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