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Sage adice Peter. I'm afraid Ruth suffers from what I, and many others do; and that is "self-centered" Christianity; along with a "works" attained gospel. Both as far from real Christianity as one can get.

In todays marketed form of Christainity, our walk with Christ is centered on "self;" "God has a wonderful plan for your life..." The focus is on "where will spend eternity?"

Then, we are discipled, to varying degrees, in a type of "health and wealth" gospel; do this and get that. In the end the focus seems to come back to "your relationship with Christ," or your faith, your this, your that.

When in essence, if we are to embrace real Christianity, it is a life of self-sacrafice and service; having the same atttitude as CHrist, considering others more worthy than ourselves.

Further, we would not expect to realize heaven here on earth. Instead, we would teach and preach that we live in a fallen world where disease, violence, natural disasters and the like run wild and God's people bump into the effects of that falleness.

Our relationship with Christ is for the betterment of His Kingdom, and not our personal gain or feeling. Christ died for His Church, not for me alone; but for me as a part of His Church.

As long as churches keep appealing to "what's in for you" type mentality, we will keep getting disappointed, and worse, confused members.

I agree with your advice to Ruth and might add, in a spirit of humility, consdier others more worthy than yourself, serve others and and the Lord with gladness!

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