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Joe Blackmon

That's almost as funny as the Numa Numa guy.


Haha, I literally LOLed. Thank you good sir!


The current obsession with 'the dangers of yoga' seems a bit 'bizarre', but if that is how conservative Christian people wish to focus their attention and concern, it is for them to decide.

Still one wonders, what will follow, when the 'novelty' of this topic fades?

Perhaps the next obsession be just as bizarre, or more so, as the need for that sort of 'focus' must be fed with stronger and stronger meat.

Question: what terrible gloom has brought the Church to this 'lowly state' ? :)

Timotheos Patterson

I'm thinking a glass of wine every now and then would be a big help to this fella...heh heh

D.R. Randle


I think saying there is an obsession is a bit much. Mohler simply wrote an article that blew up due to people's reaction to his position. He has written literally hundreds of articles on ethics, politics, culture, etc. that almost no one has paid attention to. I'm sure he assumed the same with this before he wrote it (and pretty much has admitted to as much). I would say the obsession lies with those who didn't like his position. So far, Mohler's only follow up articles have been related to his surprise to the reaction.


No disrespect to Dr. Mohler intended: the term 'obsession' was used because of the NUMBER of blogs that have written on that topic, at a time when other concerns weigh mightily on Christian people.

I do think that Christian blogs lately have dwelt on 'what to be afraid of' or 'what to oppose' more than more meaningful interactions designed to reflect the 'Uncreated Light of Christ' to the blogging world.

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