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Darby Livingston

I wonder if all the new hires have to sign the abstract of principles. :)

peter lumpkins


Yes, they do. But not on paper. It's the inward abstracts that's important ;^)

You do spawn a relevant question; I wonder...since Clark is an SBTS graduate and former employee of the same, is he "reformed"? If so, has the trickle-down effect already begun--Calvinists hiring Calvinists?.

With that, I am...

William Thornton

Why "purging" Peter? That is such a loaded term.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. I suppose I could have used "pruning" but I'm uncertain it would have been better or offered a less 'loaded' term. I could have put "change" but I think more than mere "change" is going on. Laying aside whether they needed or not to go, and whether or not Ezell has an executive right to hire whom he wishes to serve under him (he does, by the way), do you think the VPs unilaterally volunteered to resign? I don't.

Hence, if I am correct, it would be a purging, would it not?

With that, i am...

Howell Scott


I have been out of pocket for the last several days with my wife's brother having suffered a mild heart attack. He is home and doing better.

You are correct in your recollection that Ezell said he would wait a specific period of time before making changes at NAMB. He said this in an interview that he gave to Ed Stetzer. I wrote about this back in October when the early retirement packages were being offered to employees (http://fromlaw2grace.com/2010/10/04/the-new-namb-90-days-goes-by-fast/).

I am not surprised by these new changes in the VP positions. Of course, Dr. Ezell can do just about anything he wants at NAMB, but I think that his saying that he "wants to take the first 90 days and just listen," and then not following his own "advice" could cause some within the SBC to view this as just more of the same type of leadership that we have come to expect from many of the elites within the Convention. That certainly does not bode well for anything that might be said today about the future of NAMB's partnership agreements with the state conventions. God bless,


Lynn Gray

Do the three former long-time VPs at NAMB still have lower level jobs there or were they forced out of the organization?

Any idea what type of exit benefits we give to former employees like this?

Lynn Gray
Shawnee, OK

peter lumpkins


Thanks. I thought I remembered correctly. And I agree about not taking his "own" advice though I'm perfectly fine with Ezell putting his own team together as the new president. Any executive in such a position would both want and need the freedom to do so.

One thing I think they're citing as "reason" for moving forward is Guidestones policy change effective after Dec 31 which allegedly reduces the benefits for retirees. On the other hand, a man (or woman) must want to retire>/i> for such to be attractive. Nor did Ezell waste any time putting Logan back into the system--another Louisville victory.


They're pretty secretive on the benefits for severance though it will surely not be what Bob Reccord allegedly received. Since they're retiring, it will be minimal at best. As for staying with NAMB, the report said Richard Harris will stay on in consultant status but that doesn't mean much--they call you "as needed." Other than Harris' consultant work, all three are out so far as the report was concerned.

With that, I am...

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